Open Access Policy

At American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research we believe that knowledge is for everyone willing to seek and spread it. Be it information on groundbreaking cures to deadly diseases of the use of the right technology to aide in the patient’s recovery, knowledge is everything. In order to ensure our scientific know-how reaches the widest audience, we have subscribed to the open access model of publication.

What is open access?

Open Access refers to ungated online content that is available for free. Users don’t need to pay, login, register or do anything in return for the information provided on this journal. They can just visit the website, look up a particular article, perspective article or video and read, download, copy and share the content without any restriction for any lawful purposes.

The benefits of this publication models for readers looking to learn more about particular cases are obviously visible. But this is also a great way for authors and biomedical researchers to spread their work and become references for more to be done in their field.

Since open access makes content completely free and disectable the minute it is published on the journal, authors are expected to relinquish some rights to content except major copyrights. The journal charges them a fee in order to publish their content through the journal on a world wide platform.

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