Volume 14 - Issue 6

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Optimization of Our Health in Four Steps

*Corresponding author: Doepp Manfred, Holistic Center, 13 Haupt St, Abtwil 9030, Switzerland.

Received: November 16, 2021; Published: November 30, 2021

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2021.14.002058


Although we have the best technologies, the most knowledge and the most doctors ever, a trend can be seen since decades; lifetime is lengthening, but health time within life is shortening. So, while people are living past 80, on average they are chronically ill for twenty of those years instead of just a few. In particular, the rise in neurological diseases is alarming. Brain tumors are increasing sharply, as are thromboses in the brain. The so-called diseases of civilization (diabetes, cancer, COPD, etc.) are also on a triumphal march. How can this be? There are no world wars, no famines, hardly any existential worries. And yet there are influences that affect us all. Almost every human disease is based on the damage of four basic pillars, which must be mastered as a health-conscious person. Let’s start the journey to better health. Question: How many of the four steps do you currently take to heart?

Step 1

Kidney And Liver Function

The great danger in becoming healthy is that we get attached to special concepts and put them into practice without taking a sequence to heart. For example, many people unconsciously start a detoxification without having functioning supply and disposal systems (e.g., liver and kidneys). In heavy metal detoxification, for example, very dangerous intracellular shifts of the particles occur and lead to re-intoxication. Basic: drink enough good water (not tap water).

The Basic Measures for Cell Health

Important is a healthy organic diet with sufficient vital substances including the avoidance of pathogenic food from the industry.

Tip: try to avoid acidifying foods, i.e., all sugars, but also sour fruits. Daily exercise to activate the connective tissue and lymphatic system.

Tip: bobbing on a trampoline or use of a vibrator activate the lymphatic system without being too strenuous. In addition: Singing and humming, e.g., “OM”. Strenuous sports such as in the gym or competitive sports are unsuitable for returning the body to homeostasis. This should be reserved for healthy people.

Our Water is No More Clean

Tip: Buy a water filter and make sure that all pollutants are filtered out of the tap water. Mechanical purification should be supplemented by energizing the water, for example, as hexagonal water.

Our Air is No More Clean

Tip: buy a good air purifier that also measures air quality.

Hormonal Balance

Best: natural remedies (for women: red clover, fenugreek or yam, for men: maca, guarana, cordyceps) or nature-identical prohormones (e.g., 7-keto-DHEA, pregnenolone).

Detoxifying the Mouth and Dental Restoration

Tip: Amalgam fillings, dead teeth and the beginning decay process are serious interference fields that end a symbiotic balance with our microorganisms. With two metals in the mouth, you produce electrical currents. Jaw bone inflammations (e.g., noninfectious chronic ostitis/NICO) belong to sanitation.

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

Tip: No WLAN, no Bluetooth, no DECT phone. The electromagnetic radiations confuse the immune system and disturb the communication of our biophotons. Protective means and devices are necessary, e.g., from https://rayguardswiss.com/.

Emotional Traumas

Tip: As proven by epigenetics, trauma has a significant impact on cellular health, even on the development of our genome. We should ensure mental health by working on the unconscious and subconscious. Question: do “territorial conflicts exist?”. The spiritual level is superior to the physical level. Without mental and emotional balance, it cannot exist for the body.

Reactivation of The Mitochondria

Tip: The power plants of the cells need energy. Enough sleep, avoidance of environmental toxins, regulation of our melatonin balance, no light at night (e.g., blue). Antioxidants like glutathione, superoxide dismutase/SOD.

Restoration of Electro-Physiological Parameters

Avoid and/or shield electro-smog. Electron therapy: grounding/ earthing, a pain-gone pen.

Step 2


Have you optimized the above basic physiological parameters? Only now should you take care of detoxification, so as not to exhaust the last reserves of strength of the body, which are necessary to cope with everyday life.

Detoxification can be carried out as a cure but should remain a lifelong measure within the framework of basic rehabilitation. Few people have sufficient detoxification processes due to their genetics to escape the constant overstimulation by foreign influences. In order to carry out detoxification, one needs binders. Basically, the freshwater alga Chlorella vulg. has proven itself, as well as the natural zeolite. The body should be able to cleanse itself naturally again through its detoxification organs (intestines, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.). Tip: Detox therapy with enzyme agents (www.citozeatec.ch). Especially heavy metals, glyphosate and neurotoxins such as light metals (aluminum, titanium, fluorides) should be paid attention to, as these lead to a change in the body environment.

Activation of the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland controls the rhythms and the melatonin balance. Melatonin is the best means of detoxification of the brain. Much neurological damage can be explained when it is understood that electromagnetic radiation inhibits pineal gland activity, as do chemtrails and glyphosate. Sleep improvement is also important, as healthy sleep is the best health care of all.

Mental-Emotional Intervention

It is well known that the mental and emotional levels are above the physical level. Self-fulfilling prophecies, offenses, traumas, attachments, turf conflicts, etc. can lead to epigenetic damage that blocks healing at the physical level. Mental detoxification and processing of displacements should also be part of any detoxification protocol.

Step 3

Immune Modulation

Depending on the chronic poisoning of the body, the immune system has different ways of responding. For example, it does not react at all: anergy. It overreacts: Allergy. It attacks “itself”: autoaggression. In all cases, the body forgets its own self-regulation under the burden of chronic intoxication, milieu change and colonization of germs and pathogens, which in turn cause a whole cascade of problems. Many health-conscious people are stuck in the matrix of “food supplements”. They are right in parts, too. But the point is to always address all issues.

As the body’s self-regulation is compromised by chronic stress, cell-to-cell signaling no longer works well. Our immune system loses vision and becomes blind over time. Now it is our task to make the signal transmission work again by modulating the immune system. Normally, this immune system can react to changes at the speed of light by transmitting information with the help of biophotons. However, heavy metals, E-smog and also microorganisms emit their own electromagnetic signatures, which cause interference fields. The following measures should be used for immune modulation: Homeopathy, frequency therapy, bioresonance (also as remote treatment).

Immune Tolerance

If the immune system does not stand still, but overreacts, intolerances and allergies develop. The tolerance of the immune system becomes more and more limited as health progresses. So, it’s no wonder that many foods (especially wheat and milk) are no longer tolerated, or that small triggers in everyday life become major stresses. So, we notice that it is about working with information. This is a process of biophysics, which always orders and controls our biochemistry. Frequencies are also at the level of biophysics and therefore are particularly effective here. Homeopathy, for example, is wonderfully effective provided phases 1 & 2 have been successfully covered. Other methods at this point would include neural therapy, ozone therapy, microbiome rebuilding, etc. Herbs, teas, extracts, tinctures etc. also have an immunomodulating effect.

Step 4

Germ Reduction and Probiotics

Infectious diseases are on the rise: viruses, bacteria, worms, spirochetes, fungi, etc. They thank for the polluted air, the contaminated drinking water, electrosmog, and multiply. Since we now have the exogenous environments in our bodies as well, it is no wonder that they spread there as well. A large part of the diseases remains undetected. The entire human system is complex and cannot be described in individual terms. In phase 4 we have to make sure that we reduce the germs to a healthy level and build up a symbiotic microbiome instead of destroying it. In this regard, it is not useful to indiscriminately kill microorganisms. It is now known that they make up a large part of our immune system. The point is to make peace and reduce the pathological germs so that we can build a symbiotic microbiome.

Against parasites

A zapper. Also, for other pathological germs. The classic Raymond Rife & Hulda Clark frequencies work. The zapper should “wobble”. In the early days of frequency therapy, the focus was primarily on germ reduction. A pioneer was R. Rife, who used his microscope to observe small microorganisms and generate their exact mirror frequency to make them implode.

The principle

If an organism enters into resonance (like the glass with the singer) a dynamic is created. If this dynamic becomes too great, the germ will vibrate and burst. Finally (and not at the beginning) the supply of good intestinal bacteria. Because these do not grow when the pathological biofilm is active in the intestine.


These were four steps to health. All measures find their rightful place and it may be possible to better classify previous measures. At the end, on the subject of Covid-19: most dangerous are the spike proteins, the “mushroom heads” on the viruses. They block the important ACE 2 receptors in the body. You can render them harmless with a mix/smoothie of: Dandelion, lemon peels, grapefruit peels, pomegranates, licorice as well as pine needles. Organic quality of course and well washed with the addition of baking soda/baking powder. Also, to consider are natural blood thinners such as Ginkgo biloba, L-Arginine as well as possibly the low dose Aspirin (ASS 81 mg). If a covid infection is spreading acutely in the body, high-dose prednisolone should be used to stop the cytokine storm, supplemented with chlorine-containing agents, colloidal gold, incense and hydrogen peroxide.

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