Aim & Scope

The purpose of the American Journal of Biomedical Science and Research is to publish scientific and technical research papers, to bring attention to the importance of technology in the field of human sciences. Ever advancing technology plays a vital role in several emergency medical and clinical scenarios and is thus the the key focus of this journal; biomedical research. Bringing together content that is rich and enables information sharing between like-minded readers who crave for quality content on biomedical research. The wide scope of this journal is to aid the growth of scientific information about better healthcare.

With this aim in mind, AJBSR has set out to become a great tool for professors, academicians, researchers and students of the relevant disciplines to gather all their scientific knowledge and also gain more insights from the research of other writers in the form of an original research article, review article, case reports, short communication, e-books, video articles, etc. This multidisciplinary, open access publisher is a global platform for the to share their scientific excellence. Our aim and scope of work is goverend by the AJBSR members, which consist of authors, editorial committee members, advisory board, reviewers board and technical support teams. We trust in mutual sharing of scientific know-how between individuals and groups of research centres and hope to give them an opportunity to learn, grow and create advanced cures and discoveries. We want to be the catalysts for information transformation and an international gateway of online content.

This journal is open to all research professional, who are welcome to submit their articles of research and insight for thorough peer review and rigorous check for online publication. You may submit your manuscript here.

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