Benefits of publishing with us

At AJBSR, we take immense pride in our contribution to the field of science and to society as a whole. Our platform generates a wide range of knowledge collected through carefully researched study and practical testing. We continue to support our authors, researchers and students by accepting and publishing premium content that will help them and other readers get updated information in the fields of Biomedical Science and Research.

With AJBSR, you can expect:

Quality Quality

We have a strict peer-review system that ensure the content we receive is good and can be improved upon over the course of the review. Our Editorial Board has laid done the review policy keeping in mind the standard of the journal, the expectations of the many national and international readers and the larger audience.

Quality Reach

Our readership consists of experts from all fields within the Biomedical Science & Research industry. This includes noted scholars, authors, researchers, students from esteemed medical colleges and universities and other dignitaries. Our audience also includes international readers and participants who come from various countries across the globe and contribute to the wide spectrum of knowledge available on the focus areas this journal is dedicated to.

Quality Flexibility

We accept content in various formats, and encourage authors to create interesting representations of their research data and insights so as to create a greater impact. We publish articles, manuscripts, videos, infographics, perspective articles, textbooks and many other formats.

Quality Speed

Our peer-review system, however thorough and strict, is a fast process that allows authors to see their work published within a span of 2-3 weeks (depending on content). We ensure to work with authors whose work is already at an expected standard and provide feedback to further improve areas that need attention.

Quality Affordability

We are continuously taking efforts to make publishing easier and pocket-friendly for our contributors by offering a range of pricing that is fair and affordable to all authors. We value the sharing and knowing of information more than profit and will continue our efforts to make medical research findings accessible to everyone.

Quality Impact

Our open source content policy ensure the articles and manuscripts create an enormous positive impact on various sections of society such as medical discovery, public policy and healthcare laws. We exist to enable this positive source of information, aimed at bettering the world by supporting knowledge share, medical know-how and technological enhancements.

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