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“Cosmos”, hello

*Corresponding author: Berov G Lyubomir, Engineer, Independent Innovative Ideas Researcher, Smolyan 4700, Bulgaria.

Received: December 21, 2021; Published: January 12, 2022

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2022.15.002097


Dear reader, I emphasize “particle intelligence” because, in my hypothesis, these particles of intelligence, both throughout the universe and here, on Earth, form different combinations in a variety of beings, living and nonliving. In all cases, however, the combinations form in accordance with the goals and intentions of the creator of Intelligence. In fact, they are simply the building blocks of the creator’s body. And, as for the combinations of particles of intellect here on Earth, perhaps we, humans, are the most intelligent one.

Keywords: Time; Dark Energy; Particle Intelligence; All-creating Intellect; Universe


Dear reader, so far, according to the latest achievements of science, the cosmos is vacuum containing visible material objects such as stars, galaxies, etc.; interstellar matter with very low density (very few particles, mostly plasma of hydrogen and helium); small amounts of oxygen from the explosion of stars; electromagnetic radiation; magnetic fields; dust; cosmic neutrino rays; and the little-known forms of hypothetical dark matter and dark energy. The latter forms are hypothetical but manifest themselves very realistically in their gravitational impact on the visible material objects. This impact, according to the achievements of current science, is crucial for the behavior of stars, galaxies and, generally, all micro and macro material objects. Or, put simply, dark energy rules the material world. And it does so very reasonably, because the material world we know is very stable and has existed for 13.8 billion years [1].

Dear reader, this stability makes me think that the dark energy, and the cosmos that contains it, are living beings, which I will refer to as “cosmos” in this article, with an unimaginably large and incomprehensible to us intellect. And we, humans, compared to that intellect, are just one of the countless types of secondary intellects. This is my hypothesis, which I have considered from different points of view in several of my articles. With this article I will try to supplement it by looking at some inexplicable facts and try to explain them as manifestations of the living cosmos [2].

But first, let me quote part of my article “The Now and the Universe”. The Present is the realization, at a particular moment of Time, of one of the many intentions of the All-creating Intellect. Here “realization” specifically means the materialization or the appearance of an object in the material world, which had not existed until now. Here is the essence of my hypothesis. Each material object, be it an atom, a planet, a star, etc. is a transformed part of a specific energy field of the All-creating Intellect. We call this particular energy field Time.

Each material object exists only for the duration of the moment of “now”. This moment is infinitely short, or, if we use a concept from calculus, it is infinitesimal in duration. Then, for the next infinitesimal period of time, the material object transforms again into the energy field Time. And then the process of transformation from energy into matter and back repeats. This “pulsation” continues for as long as the material object exists as such [3].

Let’s summarize: Time, in my opinion, is a type of energy field which is a specific form of the energy field of the All-creating Intellect. It deals only with the creation and management of the material world. The age of each object is determined by the number of these pulsations of the energy field Time that the All-creating Intellect memorizes. And this applies to any object created by it.

Only a limited number of material objects carry, to some extent, the ability of the All-creating Intellect to create new “things”, of course in accordance with its goals and intentions. This is a very important quality and maybe we, humans, have it too.

The pulsation process of the present is how our material world was born and continues to be born, consisting of material particles, and known and unknown types of energy fields [4].

And so, the new idea in my hypothesis, is that each element of the material world begins to exist from the moment of its first Time pulsation and continues to exist in the moments of each subsequent Time pulsation, i.e., only in the Now.”

Simply put, this means that every material object, from the elementary particles to the galaxies, during the moment of its existence is both intelligent time and a material object. In other words, a material object, among all other qualities, carries a particle of space, a moment of time and a particle of intellect. Particle of intellect?!?

Dear reader, I emphasize “particles of intellect” because, in my hypothesis, these particles of intellect, both throughout the universe, and here on planet Earth, form different combinations in a variety of beings, living and non-living. In all cases, however, the combinations form in accordance with the goals and intentions of the creator of Intelligence. In fact, they are simply the building blocks of the creator’s body. And, as for the combinations of intelligence particles here on Earth, perhaps we humans are the highest in terms of intelligence [5].

Let us now return to the inexplicable facts which, in my view, if considered from the standpoint of the above explanations, support the idea of the living cosmos.

The first fact applies to the elementary particles: does science have any evidence that there is anything in their behavior that resembles intelligence. According to Wolfgang Pauli, there is. It is specifically about the electron. Here are the facts: as early as 1919, Irving Langmuir suggested, and in 1940 Pauli proved within relativistic quantum mechanics and the wave function of a fermion system, that each energy level could contain at most two electrons, with the electrons “preferring” to be at the lowest possible energy level. The electrons can even release energy in the form of photons to ensure this. The term “prefer” is used by Pauli. But who is unique in this world, who can show preferences? Generally speaking, this is a characteristic of life, and the electrons seem to have it. Probably other building blocks such as protons, neutrons, etc. also have some intelligence. And these particles and moments, combined in an incomprehensible way, create the material objects and the space, while, simultaneously, being also the “time”. Thus our world, which we perceive mainly as material, now, as a child of the dark energy, is in fact primarily intellectual, and this gives it an energetic connection through the energy field of time directly to the All-creating Intellect. This energy connection leads to the understanding of some inexplicable experimental results. They are numerous from the past and the present.

That’s how we come to the second fact concerning the construction of the pyramids in both Egypt and South America. For us at the moment it is absolutely incomprehensible what energy the ancient builders used to lift, transport and install the huge stone blocks in the construction of the pyramids. Well, this is a distant past – somehow, we can come to terms with this inexplicable fact from science. But how to come to terms with the same thing that is happening now? It is about the world-famous story of Edward Leedskalnin. Leedskalnin, who died in 1952, is a Latvian immigrant to the United States who believed that the universe was made up of micro magnets, not atoms. It is not so important what we call the building blocks. The important question is: What abilities did Leedskalnin possess. And his abilities were extraordinary and unexplainable by modern science. Here is what happened: One night, while working in his garden at his home near the city of Florida, he was attacked and robbed. This experience shocked him so much that he decided to leave this city. He also had to transport his 20-ton stone obelisk to his new home in Homestead. He called a truck, the driver of which wondered how the obelisk would be loaded. However, Leedskalnin asked him to leave him alone for a while. The driver walked away. There was a deafening crash. The anxious driver rushed to see what was happening and found the obelisk loaded on the truck. The unloading of the new destination took place in the same way. While Leedskalnin was alive, many engineers and even government officials came to him, hoping that he would reveal his secret to them, but this did not happen.

The third inexplicable fact: It is known from modern science that the cells in the human body communicate with each other in different ways, but not intellectually, and their energy state depends only on the food they eat. However, science has no explanation for how cells sometimes have more, much more energy than the calories we get from food. An example of this is the Tibetan monks, who radiate heat where normal people would freeze. The experiment, that was conducted with Tibetan monks in northern India in 2002, was: The monks, thinly dressed, were taken to a room where the temperature was 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). They enter a state of deep meditation. Sheets wrapped in cold water before being wrapped around their shoulders. Under these conditions, an ordinary person would tremble uncontrollably and a drop in body temperature could even lead to death. However, the monks remain at a normal body temperature and dry the sheets with their bodies. After the sheets have dried, new cold and wet sheets are wrapped around them. In a few hours, each monk dried three sheets.

The explanation for these phenomena, in my opinion, is that the cells also have some form of intelligence, and this intelligence allows them to absorb intellectual energy from space at critical moments. I guess this is our unconscious intellectual connection to the All-creating Intellect. It is this connection that keeps us alive in critical situations, which we perceive as an inexplicable miracle. So, let’s assume that the intelligence of the human cell and of every other living cell is entirely possible. I am confident that if we do this, we will take the first crucial step towards new scientific discoveries.

Dear reader, I believe that part of our efforts to “conquer” cosmos are set aside for this new strategic goal of our existence. In this way we will learn to be aware, generally speaking, of our intellectual contact with the living cosmos. And the idea to conquer cosmos, which is instilled in us from our childhood, i.e., to conquer something unimaginably smarter and stronger than us is just ridiculous. Therefore, instead of fighting the cosmos, let us greet him as his children with respect and love: “Cosmos”, hello.


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