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Brief Overview of the Energetic Concept of the Birth and Disintegration of Viruses

*Corresponding author:Evgeny Pavlovich Sidorov, Deputy Director for Science and Technology, Agrostroyservis, Research and Production Association, Dzerzhinsk, Russian Federation.

Received:December 07, 2022; Published:December 15, 2022

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2022.17.002385


This paper presents a brief description of the concepts of an energetic Universe of biological entities, including humans and viruses, as well as the ways of the human body’s hemostasis by disintegrating viruses through physical impact at the quantum level.

Keywords: MAV (Modern Academic Views), Ponderomotive force, Electromagnetic wave, Virus, Human body, Molenization, Recombination, Bio-electret field

Mini Review

Currently, despite all significant scientific achievements of researchers in the field of physiology, traditional concepts of the human body’s vital activity cannot explain the impact of certain phenomena and effects occurring in human organs. As a result, there are certain contradictions with Modern Academic Views (MAV) that correspond to well-established and outdated concepts of fundamental sciences. These contradictions are translated in the MAV inability to connect semantic physical forms of the nature of primary invisible matter of the parental energy substance which can create, reproduce, modify, and move the visible atomicmolecular substance and its physical fields as its child products [1,2]. Therefore, these concepts should be completely replaced by physical microscopic theories reflecting reality and a direct connection with natural phenomena. The priority of the primordial parental role of the energy charge in everything that exists has been proved. All energy forms of space are in stationary or vortex rotation while inducing stationary or vortex fields of the energy triad of wave gravitational and electromagnetic fields. In nature, nothing arises without cause from nothing and spontaneously. Any process has its own time frames and spatial dimension frames [3-6]. Formation of any visible matter (including viruses) is possible only according to a single pattern: electromagnetic waveelectron- positron pair-fractional particles-quarks, gluon-proton, hydrogen. The appearance of visible matter is determined by the occurrence of a single interaction reaction between two positrons with antiparallel spins, resulting in the creation of electronpositron pairs-hydrogen, in a state of ortho/para modifications in the ratio of 3/1 (75/25%). It is known that sums of photons trigger all biological reactions, up to a holographic picture of living organisms’ morphology, by the inertial energy response pulses of emission and absorption of photons by electrons in atoms or molecules. Therefore, the history of birth and life of all organisms, including viruses, must be considered based on scientific research and fundamentals of the modern physical theory of the microworld which allows to calculate the parameters of all processes generated by photons, electrons, atoms, atomic nuclei, and molecules through the forces of gravitational and electromagnetic energies [7,8].

Generation and formation of the virus energy-mass (matter), as well as its subsequent genetics is implemented by nature in three stages, namely: in the state of an electromagnetic wave in the space vacuum, far from gravitational sources; at the second stage: in the form of primordial energy-mass in the planet’s Schumann electromagnetic field and, finally, in the state of a biological entity (energy-mass) in the human body, which already forms the virus matter from its metabolic nutrients.

Each construction stage of the virus energy-mass has its own environmental parameters, its own time frames and spatial dimension frames, as well as the physical state of the virus internal content. Researchers from the Far Eastern University proved by calculations that the linear dimensions of the COVID-19 virus are significantly smaller than it’s calculated de Broglie wavelength which, with a fair amount of certainty, gives us the right to assert that the virus wave properties are closely related to its geometry and to classify its vital activity as the corpuscular-wave dualism of photons and microparticles. In the state of adequacy to the photons’ properties and under the influence of electromagnetic fields of the human body, the virus can create inductive bonds with it, which generate ponderomotive force. Depending on the electric charge value in the surrounding space (electromagnetic waves of the Schumann field) and the human body’s electric charge, this force can move the virus, which is currently in a state of electromagnetic wave, inside a human [9,10]. It follows from this assertion that the COVID-19 virus can penetrate a cell in two ways: either as a corpuscula using for this purpose gravitation and electromagnetic force effects of its electromagnetic potentials that form the energymass, or via the paired photon teleportation of Phantom RNA grainpotentials. The possibility of teleportation was proved by scientific laboratory experiments conducted by V. Proponing, a specialist in the field of quantum biology, at the Russian Academy of Sciences. It should be noted that it is not the virus that chooses the human body as its habitat, but humans themselves attract the virus to life in their bodies by a set of potential values of their energy fields and a harmonic vibration oscillator, which is synchronized with the Schumann electromagnetic fields.

EG Yakubov sky [11], when solving the Klein-Gordon equation, calculated that the virus’s birth, life, and extinction time is equal to 10-16 seconds. It follows from this that, to support the vital activity of one virus molecule for one second, a little more than 1016 viruses should be constantly present in the environment. If we consider the calculations by EG Yakubov sky [11], where the virus volume in one mole of its environment is equal to 5×10-8 cm3 and the volume of the virus itself is 5×10-13 cm3, there must be 105 viruses per unit volume of the environment. German and Hong Kong researchers empirically found out the following: for teleportation of the energy of primordial “seeds” of 2.6×103 viruses into the human body, there must be 2.06×1019 virus “seeds” in the environment for teleportation (or infection), whereas the volume where the viruses are confined should be approximately equal to 9.2×109 cm3 of air atmosphere.

Given the constant saturation of the environment with almost a million viruses per unit volume, it is irrational to assume that the human body infection with a virus is mainly carried out through the virus transmission from person to person. Therefore, we can conclude that the virus enters the human body from the environment. To prove this fact, we can refer to the assertion that the human body with its electric charge generates magnetic induction in the corpuscular-wave energy structure of the virus, which sets it in motion and, in the future, makes it move into the human body. If the human body has such an energy capacity at a given time, the virus introduction (the so-called infection) occurs, but if electric charge value is not enough to excite magnetic induction and, accordingly, to induce ponderomotive forces that set the virus in motion, the latter does not penetrate the human body.

We know that a virus can be in the body at the same time as a nanoparticle with a constant phase of oscillatory motion in space and as a wave of vibrational energy transfer. The energymass integrity of this entity is determined by the value of its electric charge, whereas the rupture of this integrity is generated by disrupting the life of this energy-mass; that is, by stopping the formation of an electret state entailing the death and birth of a cation-anion pair in an ionic quasi-dipole. This process involves the induction of electric and magnetic fields that generate the birth of a bioelectric field which has a ponderomotive effect on all electrically charged bodies of humans and viruses.

The oscillating external Schumann magnetic field constantly changes its value; accordingly, the electric field polarity of an EM wave (virus) changes, as well as the ponderomotive forces direction. The result of this phenomenon is the vibration oscillator of electromagnetic wave. However, it should be considered that any force is pressure, whereas pressure is specific energy, regardless of its origin. Accordingly, such a physical phenomenon as the pressure of an electromagnetic wave is force, momentum and, at the same time, energy-mass. For this reason, when studying the physical properties of a virus, we should bear in mind the dualism of its states.

Therefore, the virus’s vital activity, the patterns of its development, propagation, and location in the human body can be described mathematically by an expression of a recurrent sequence that reflects the bifurcation processes of transition from order to chaos. So, there cannot be a single unambiguous and systemic theory of interaction between a human and a virus. The virus that penetrates the human body is formed in the process of modernization from water molecules by recombination of a free hydroxonium cation and a hydroxide hydrate anion. Therefore, the water molecules of which it consists of have a harmonic vibration oscillator that is close in value to the biological elements of the human body. During a pandemic, there are two ways of interaction between the virus and the human body. The first way is the virus ability to fit into the human body by inducing the harmonic oscillator of the human body and to live therein like other three and a half trillion bacteria and viruses. In most cases, it is this kind of communication that takes place, since a human and a virus, at some point in the micro-oscillations of the ionicity of the bonds between water molecules, become sources of vibrations of coupled nonlinear oscillators. The second way is the possibility of the virus’s molecular structure disintegration by creating a critical polarization of the water molecules of which it consists of. This process occurs since chemical trace elements-modifiers of individual polarity-appear in the collection, which generate resonance conditions for the polarity values of chemical bonds between water molecules of the virus and the human. As a result of inducing a strongly polar electron density distribution and the identical values of the relative electronegativity, there is a complete rupture of the bond, which leads to the virus’s water molecules disintegration into individual atomic components of primordial quality. From these released chemical elements, biological components of new compounds of primordial quality are formed. The tool for the process of destruction and rebirth of the new biological entity is modernization, which is explicated through the recombination of quasi-dipoles with their destruction into ion-molecular complexes followed by disintegration into a hydrogen cation, a hydroxyl ion, and three water molecules of primordial quality. In nature, disintegration occurs because of “selforganization” under the effect of Schumann electromagnetic fields or under the effect of an external electric field of man-made origin, as well as when other molecules (let’s say reaction partners) affect a water molecule. To create conditions for the virus disintegration by way of modernization, it is necessary to introduce into the reaction zone a large cosmic quantum of energy that is sufficient to ionize hydrogen (H) and hydroxyl (OH). In case of self-organization, this state occurs in blood vessels, where the vessel cross section and the linear velocity of blood flow correspond to the product of the vessel radius and the flow velocity equal to 5.8×10<-5 m2/sec., as well as the ionization of water molecules in the human magnetic field under the interference of coherent magnetic waves.

To disintegrate the virus’s molecular structure, the author proposes in his publications to recreate these and other processes of forced ionization of the virus’s hydrogen molecules by generating additional energy of the water composition in the human body. For this purpose, we suggest bringing emulsion directly to the virus’s water molecule. This emulsion is produced in special process equipment and has an energetic content capable of inducing a critical ionization pattern. To do this, we propose an intranasal route of administering the emulsion.

Therefore, because of biological recombination, by the forces of a stochastic electromagnetic field, within the boundaries of a harmonic nonlinear oscillator, using the polarity resonance of chemical bonds, nature, by the method of self-organization, and a human, using man-made devices, can carry out homeostasis of the human body from the consequences of viral diseases.


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