Volume 17 - Issue 5

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Flat Feet is Not What Medical Science Says

*Corresponding author: Professor Dr. Lord McTabernacle, Electric Jockstrap Research Institute, University of Neasden, London, UK.

Received: December 19, 2022; Published: December 22, 2022

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2022.17.002394


In medicine, the terminology is accepted; flat feet are a decrease in the height of the internal arch. Specialists lift and hold the arch with hard insoles, not realizing that this way the muscles do not contract at all. Reduction of the vault is always a loss or change in its functionality. The function of the muscles of the arch is not only to compensate for the load, but also to maintain lymph and blood circulation in the cells of the body. There is some contradiction between these two functions: to keep the load and pump blood. That is why a misunderstanding of the physiology of the body is seen in the actions of orthopedists. The body, being in a stable vertical position, constantly strives to fall, its BCT of the body constantly fluctuates about the vertical axis, which causes the muscles to contract, to support the processes of cell metabolism. It follows that it is impossible to raise and maintain the inner vault. The internal arch has a large clearance, which can be compared to the braking distance of a car, which dampens the speed of the transfer of the leg to zero before stepping from the other limb. At the beginning, the command to turn the arch is the appearance of a support under the cuboid bone of the external supporting arch. Thus, an overturning moment of forces, incomprehensible to orthopedists, arises (Figures 1 & 2).

Another reason for the overturning of the inner arch is the difference in leg lengths that each person has. The calcaneus of a long limb is always inclined to the inside, from which the vault resting on the tubercle of the subtalar joint overturns (Figures 3 & 4).

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Figure 1:

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Figure 2:

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Figure 3:

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Figure 4:

A similar overturning of the arch occurs when walking with the toes turned outward. The arch is in a stable position only when the body’s General Center of Gravity (CGG) is projected into the CG of this support triangle of the foot. By unfolding the feet, the BCT of the body goes beyond the support area and the vault falls to the ground. This is how hyper-pronation of the feet occurs. Considering the foot as a support of the skeleton, one should understand what function its arches perform, whether we correctly assess their role in providing support, shock-absorbing, pushing and, finally, pumping function (Figures 5 & 6).

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Figure 5:

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Figure 6:

Philosophers say that humanity develops on its own mistakes. Over the past 50-60 years, specialist errors have been reflected in deformities of the feet and spine, which is diagnosed in 98% of the population of developed countries. I can’t understand why there are dissertations today on determining the center of gravity of the supporting triangle of the feet. After all, this is elementary ignorance of the laws of geometry and mechanics, which are studied in high school and have been known for more than 2000 years? And such a specialist was awarded the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences. It seems that the age of general illiteracy has come.

How to explain the fact that on the shelves of stores there are more than 85-95% of shoes in which the support points do not correspond to the support points of the foot skeleton. The deformations of the vaults are followed by disturbances in the biomechanics of walking, lymph, and blood circulation. Today, in children 2-4 years old, deformities have become stable. Up to 60-80% of children, to one degree or another, have valgus feet. Without realizing that footprints cannot be taken in a sitting or lying position, without considering the difference in leg lengths and the position of the BCT of the body, without bringing the arches to a neutral position, it is impossible to stop the further development of deformations of the musculoskeletal frame of the body and, at the same time, disturbances in the functioning of the body. You should know that the functional correction of the musculoskeletal frame of the body is the basis of the therapy of a self-regulating system (Figure 7).

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Figure 7:

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