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How to Obtain a Peaceful Brain to Save the Ukraine! Help Joe, Ole and Jane to Save the Ukraine!

*Corresponding author:Konrad Frischeisen, New Frontiers in Science Bildungsgesellschaft mbH, (als gemeinnützig anerkannt) Munich/Germany.

Received: September 17, 2022; Published:November 28, 2022

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2022.17.002364


Insights of the Nobel Laureates Arber, Binnig, Ernst, Heisenberg, Huber, Ketterle and Yang, whom the author personally met, help to advance the pathway to peace. The author’s articles in Research Gate were inspired by Nobel Laureate Sperry’s split brain research results, presented by Nobel Laureate Eccles, used by Noble Laureate Eigen in an article on Mozart in Jenseits von Ideologien und Wunschdenken’. Helpful to obtain a healthy well balanced brain, they are translated here for perceiving life more holistically, musically, unconsciously, visual- ly to enable our brain to become peaceful for the well being of all creatures. Thus humans will clean oceans and green deserts for a better climate, stopping wars like the one in the Ukraine.

Dominant Brain Hemisphere

Connection to the Consciousness, Verbal, Logically Constructive, Comprehending, Analytical

Sequential/Arithmetic, St. Hildegard, St. Francis and Mozart succeeded to the creativity use both brain ofand the author’s work on Goleman’s work res for a good message for all earthly children. ‘Where there is danger, is also the one who saves.’ Hölderlin (Figure 1).

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 1: Mozart, drawing by a child.

Subdominant Brain

Unconscious Action, Musically, Musically, Visual way of capturing, Synthetically, Holistic/Geometric, Picasso said, he needed a whole life to paint like a child. Heisenberg valued the hemisphe- Research Gate, e.g. children. See also Daniel ‘Noble Brains and Nobel Laureates’ or The Brain as Peacemaker’.

Sperry referred in ‘Science and Moral Priority’ to Wordsworth and Nobel Laureate Delbrück. After World War II and atomic disasters in Hiroshima/Nagasaki, Delbrück pleaded like Sper- ry for moral priority in science. In the above mentioned book’ Sperry writes, translated from German by the author: ‘Returning to our main concern, the impact of creeping materialism in the Neuroand Behaviour Sciences as well as elsewhere, we can say all in all, that we have today an objective model of explanation of the brain function, that does not deny or degrade humanistic values, ideals and meaning of the human endeavours but rather confirms them.’

It inspires peaceful realizations in actual war situations, supported by a holistic medicine, enriched by Sperry’s, Bernstein’s, Davidson’s, Frankl’s and Walsh’s views, based on natural laws, St. Hildegard considered divine. Viktor Frankl survived concentration camps integrating moral ideals/values into logotherapy, helping to find a meaning in life, inspiring the text of Staying Alive of Prof. Roger Walsh.

age of God to be his responsi- ble co-workers, helping and praising God in his creation, regarding God as medical doctor (magnus medicus) acting like a medical doctor, seeing the suffering and sick, wishing to be healed. St. Hildegard was a pioneer in natural science, medicine and philosophy, a composer, an author, playwright and public speaker, corresponding with emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa. Hildegard was a pioneer in environmental medicine, contributing with knowledge of the healing power of plants and her universal views of man within the cosmos much to modern holistic natural medicine. As pioneer in medicine, St. Hildegard combined a well founded anthropological thinking with ethical/ecological responsible action, giving everyone an area of responsibility and meaning in life. She foreshadowed views of Humboldt/s and of Frankl’s logotheraypy, basing therapy on the divine Logos. About 100 years before St. Francis, St. Hildegard praised the sun, the living light and the green force, viewing an era of peace. After Prof. Schipperges’ researches, medicine in Christian Europe became along with St. Hildegard a healing service (diakonia) based on God’s mercy and compassion. After the Unesco Charta war begins in the heads and peace must be prepared within them. In the year 1800 W. v. Humboldt appreciated in a letter to Schiller poetry as helpful to lead man to himself. Humboldt met the Bavarian King Ludwig I, picture right, who gave Munich much of its beauty, buildings and institutions for every generation and the Oktoberfest for celebration. Humboldt/s were the name givers of the Humboldt university. After Watson, author of The German Genius, Alexander. v. Humboldt became the most famous man of science in his time. He supported Schinkel, who was inspired by Mo- zart’s music to give Berlin much of its beauty. Wilhelm v. Humboldt can be valued as creator of the modern university. Meeting the Bava- rian king Ludwig I, a name giver of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, W. v. Humboldt affected him deeply. Like Schinkel, Ludwig was inspired by Mozart’s music. He expressed his admiration for Mozart in his poem An Mozart. Ludwig created a unique area of Museums.

Ludwig’ s son Otto became king of Greece. In some manner the Russian Orthodox Church follows spiritual Greek traditions of Christianity, influenced by St. Paul. His Damascus experience provoked a change of mind with beneficial effects on Paul’s spirit and brain, providing him with inspiration, vocation and mission, supported by biblical letters to early Christians. They suffered persecution in Rome, where also orphic Greek Christians met secretly in the Catacombs for gospel singing. The gospel was originally written in Greek. Name giver of the word Kaiser for emperor, Caesar had shaped history, crossing the Alps (Figure 2).

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 2:

During the reign of Emperor Constantine and Sylvester I , Christians received better conditions in the Roman Empire. Over a century after St. Augustine, St. Benedict created with his order in Monte Cassino a meaningful basis for spreading the Christian faith in Europe and elsewhere. Hubertus Prince zu Löwenstein was asked in the USA to present ‘The Germans in History’ to Americans. Prince zu Löwenstein’s book and Otto v. Habsburg’s

Die Reichsidee’ are encouraging on the way to peace in the spirit of Jesus, St. Hildegard and Kant. Gabriela von Habsburg, little daughter of Kaiser Karl I of Austria, king of Hungary, who was working as professor of art and ambassador for Georgia, is presented in the next picture. Prof. von Habsburg inspired to work like Pestalozzi.

From right to left: Ulrike Leutheusser, Head of the Education Section of the Bavarian TV in 2004, Nobel Laureate Prof. Huber, K. Frischeisen, initiator of the DAAD Summer Academy “New Frontiers in Science“, Prof. Gabriela von Habsburg. Behind her Prof. Eckhard Wolf, left from him Prof. Claus Hipp, Dr. Ammann, Dr. Thalhammer, in the background right students and heads of the LMU, in front, left from G. v. Habsburg, Ludwig Apfelbeck, Nathalie Coursieres and Dr. Wenrich (Figure 3).

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 3:

The place of the meeting in front of the LMU is called Geschwister Scholl Platz in honour of Hans and Sophie Scholl. With their mentor Prof. Kurt Huber they were members of Die weiße Rose, executed by the Nazis. Prof Huber’s book Leibniz, Der Philosoph der universalen Harmonie, can help to bring harmony into our brain on the way to peace. St. Francis inspired Ramon Lull (influencer of Columbus, Leibniz and Ockham). Bavaria‘s King Ludwig I valued St. Francis and Ock- ham, who helped Kaiser Ludwig of Bavaria. St. Francis inspired this summer-academy with thoughts of human brotherhood. Brother D. Steindle-Rast and Prof. Weinreb were encouraging like statements from the Nobel Laureates Arber, Binnig, Ernst and Ketterle. All deserve thanks as well as other scientists and supporters like Prof. Huber, the children with their drawings and former pupils/students. B. v. Suttner was enthusiastic about the USA, where she was very popular, participating in an in- ternational congress for women and an international peace congress. Like Isaiah, Jesus, St. Hildegard and others she prepared an era of peace, becoming reality, if we love our fellow men like Mozart requested in ‘A little German Cantata’. In this spirit diplomatic arrangements may lead to peace in the Ukraine like Henry Kissinger, K. v, Dohnanyi and others were proposing.


Copyright 2022, Konrad Frischeisen, How to obtain a peaceful brain to save the Ukraine, Help Joe, Ole and Jane to save the Ukraine, New Frontiers in Science Bildungsgesellschaft mbH, All rights and errors reserved. Munich, Germany, September 2022, No conflicts of interests, e- mail: frischeisen@ehims.de ISBN: 978-3-844465-38- 8 A peace era can be based on Kant’s writings on perpetual peace and regarded with B. von Suttner’s book Die Waffen nieder, Down with the weapons, as a new chapter in world history and the human evolution.

This evolution can be supported by Hölderlin and a verse from Goethe’s West-Eastern Diwan, translated here by the author:

God’s is the Orient! God’s is the Occident! North and Southern lands lie in the peace of his hands.‘ Thanks are earned also by Gerty Spies, surviving a concentration camp, engaging herself for brotherhood into the age of 100 years. Dr. Stefanie Siebers-Gfaller, reminding blessings of Jesus, where the peacemakers are blessed. Matthew 5, and Timofei Prochorow, who constructed the West- Eastern Peace Church in Munich, living there into the age of 110 years, inspiring the verses ‘If only there would be peace!‘

It is war, if only there would be peace! Lord help Then all soldiers become brothers, return home, To reconcile, to comfort, to forgive and heal. Dancing with children and their mothers. Let’s pray Honoring Him, we do not conceal, For God’s blessings and grace in men’s silent action. That peace will become real. Developping to God and those, who serve him, a good connection.

For healers like St. Hildegard the influence of nature is a flow of God’s graceful love, supporting men to become peaceful. Synergetics, developed by the physicist Prof. Haken, valued by Nobel Laureate Eigen, author of Jenseits von Ideologien und Wunschdenken/Beyond ideologies and wishful thinking, can help anyone to free himself from destructive war ideologies. Becoming free from dependency of ideologies, men preserve nature in its beauty and diversity in favor of children. Synergetics or right chemistry stimulate cooperation in phase transitions to take healing leadership of peace movements and currents of public opinion. Children in the children picture right, uncon- sciously celebrate natural laws, cataly- sing peace and reasonable arrangements. These may lead to peace in the Ukraine, proposed by Henry Kissinger, Klaus v. Dohnanyi, Alexander Kluge and others, who remembered thankfully the peace after world war II and the help of Americans with the Marshall plan, wishing/propo- sing it now for the Ukraine, inspiring the script: Help Joe, Ole and Jane to save the Ukraine Persons: Joe, American actor, physi-. cist, chemist and yogi, Ole, a German actor, Jane, originally Jeanne, a French actress, Vladi: 1. Ukrainian watch offi- cer, Dany: 2. Ukrainian watch officer, Denis: 3. Ukrainian watch officer, President: an Ukrainian actor, an ambassador Joe, Ole and Jane reach Kyiv by car, Joe is driving, Ole using the brakes, Jane guiding by smartphone.

Joe: Where are the masks? Ole: Here are yours and there are Jane’s and mine.With them, we win the war in the Ukraine. Joe: Are we soon reaching the residence of the President? Jane, looking into her Smartphone: yes, please turn right at the next street‘s end. In front of the President’s residence: Jane: Oh, it is looking very smart. They get out of the car, Joe addresses the first watch officer. Vladi: What do you want here? Joe: We want to speak with the President.

Vladi: For which purpose? Have you been here before? Joe: We want to help him to win the war. Vladi: I do not think, that the President has time, but I appreciate your intentions, if you respect our conventions. Do you understand something about war? Joe: Yes, even to be victorious in a kind of Blitz: I studied in the army physics, chemistry and Clausewitz (Figure 4).

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 4:

Ole: I can assure you, Joe is number one, all, what we propose is well founded and well done. Vladi: That sounds good, we need every young courageous woman and man. Joe: After strict control of identity. Vladi: Yes please! Joe, Ole and Jane pass him their passports. Vladi: An American, a German and a French lady, that can perhaps help to open you the door.

will call the President’s office at once. While he is speaking, he gives a sign to subject the actors to strict body searches, which are at once started. Vladi: You have a chance, the President is just in consultation with an ambassador, you are welcome in about 10 minutes to see him. Dany: Body search successfully accomplished. Vladi: Good, the door will soon be opened and another officer will lead you to the President. Please put on the masks before or otherwise we cannot open the door. After about 8 minutes Denis: When the masks are put on, I will lead you to the President, wishing you and us a victori- ous outcome in the end. They put on well done masks of the American President, of the German Kanzler and of the French

President. President: Welcome…, what? Do I dream? The American President, the German Kanzler and the French President in Kyiv? That is the best day on earth since my birth. Young actors like you remind me of the beauty of life as a young actor. In war time I only have the victory in mind, but you evoke the memory of another kind, leading me back to my real self as a comedian, with all the gifts, God has given to me, desiring to finsish the actual tragedy peacefully. God‘s invi- sible hand has sent you to me as congenial brothers, helpful to lead this war to the most victorious end and to a victory over myself beyond any ideology. The Kanzler seems me today ready for Hollywood or the Broadway.

Joe: Mr. President, for that reason we come into this honorable house, you are a genial man, please take a look at our script, illustrated with children‘s pictures, based on advanced interdisciplinary research and on Mozart’s Magic Flute evoking recon- ciliation in the new version of our script, perceiving Mozart as source of peace according to Nobel Laureate Romain Rolland. Joe passes the script on to the President.

President, after intensive study of the script: Children‘s pictures, text about St. Hildegard‘s healing light and green force of plants, about St. Francis and brotherhood, about Erasmus, Mozart and the Magic Flute, in German Die Zauberflöte, Pestaloz- zi ,Schiller, Goethe and about harmony, which is now so important for me and all of us, Kant’s writing On Perpetual Peace.

Indeed, that is, what we need. I admire, what I see, best research results of physics, synergetics, medicine, brain research and chemistry in a DAAD Summer-Academy. You mention Frankl and Walsh‘s Staying alive, Einstein, Arber, Binnig, Ernst, Hu- ber, Ketterle, Pauling, Sperry and other Nobel Laureates helpful to obtain a peaceful brain and to stop the war in the Ukraine.

After your script I regard war as a disease, willing to celebrate the Eternal Peace in Europe, for that it is never too late. Thus we can shape a good future and reconstruct our country like the Germans did after World War II with help of the Americans and the Marshall plan.You touch me deeply with your script and lead me back to my true ideals: Peace and freedom for our country and for each other‘s country, which I am as comedian wishing in the tradition and spirit of Aristophanes deep in my heart. Every shot is too much, we finish this tragedy instead of enlarging this war and go to Hollywood. It is the most beautiful victory, the best Blitz according to Clausewitz, the best ideal becoming real. Ambassador: And how will the future be for the Ukraine? Will we be neutral like Switzerland? President Yes, it is the best way to shape our future and to develop ourselves in a new European peace and security architecture. Regions like Donezk and Luhansk may decide freely and peace- fully themselves, how they want to live according to free elections. Vaclav Havel mastered a similar process peacefully with the Czech Republic and Slovakia without any shot. If all Russian soldiers leave the Ukraine, we will plead for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, as we want to live in future peacefully together. You and the articles Noble Brains and Nobel Lau- reates, The Brain as Peacemaker and The Magic Flute I and II as holistic healing approach are as helpful for us as Hölderlin’s Celebration of Peace, describing a child and mother seeing the peace, celebrated in your script by children. (last picture)

I will ask at once President Putin and those, who you presented with masks, to accept an armistice and peace negotiations. Joe: With you as genial actor our mask theatre leads to a peaceful transformation of a tragic situation in favour of children. President : You consider others incl. myself in Goethe’s spirit as potentially “noble, helpful and good“. We should be that to earn a position of respect in history. I hope in accordance with Olaf, Emmanuel, Wladimir and Joe, that it will grow. I remember, that you celebrate in the States St. Hildegard’s Day in September. We can learn from the peace making art of St. Hildegard. If our trust is based on nothing but the One, the allmighty creator, whom Mozart is honouring in ‘A little German Cantata‘, it can help to find the true self and the inner peace. Then we will overcome hatred and restore the outward peace.

Ole: The pictures of the children, which we have seen, stimulate to celebrate peace in honor of Kant, Goethe and Hölderlin with music of Bach, Mozart and the peace making art of St. Hildegard and we may start in some way at St. Hildegard’s Day.

Jane: Let us after reflection join to our idea a creative action, for nothing is stronger than an idea, whose time has come.

Ole: Thank you, Jane, let us prepare peace concerts for the reconstruction of the Ukraine. What do you think about it, Joe? Joe. The war in the Ukraine should not go on any longer. I think like Jane in honor of Victor Hugo, that nothing is stronger than an idea, whose time has come. Human souls will become sane again with peace concerts to reconstruct the Ukraine.

President: I thank you so much, you touch me deeply, your idea is convincing and smart and I agree and will do my part, that your initiative will succeed, for you combine best results of science and art and touch directly the human heart.

Your idea seems to me like a seed of peace and harmony, which can lead to the most important deed in recent human history.

Joe: - In company with a competent notary we are ready to present our concept also to the Russian President. Do you agree?

President: Yes, as I think, God has sent you to me. If you convince the Russian President, the war will soon come to an end. Then we start our peace celebration globally in veneration of Yehudi Menuhin, Bach, Kant, Goethe, Schiller and Hölderlin in the spirit of St. Hildegard and St. Francis, honoring children, women and mothers, learning to behave like sisters and brothers.


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