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The Mathematics of Consciousness

*Corresponding author:Paul C Mocombe, West Virginia State University, The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc

Received:December 02, 2022; Published:December 21, 2022

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2022.17.002390


This article highlights the mathematics of consciousness using Paul C Mocombe’s consciousness field theory. Mocombe posits that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the material brain; instead, the brain receives and facilitates consciousness, which is the resonance of a frequency wavelength expressed through his Garyian equation,φ=10−15 eV(4)±f(0) .

Keywords: Structurationism, Praxis, Panpsychism, Social class language game, Phenomenological structuralism, ORCH-OR Theory, Univon multiverse hypothesis, Free-will, Determinism, Haitian epistemology, Consciousness field theory, Conscious Electromagnetic Information Theory (CEMI)


This article highlights the mathematics of consciousness using Paul C Mocombe’s consciousness field theory. Mocombe posits that consciousness is not an epiphenomenon of the material brain; instead, the brain receives and facilitates consciousness, which is the resonance of a frequency wavelength expressed through his Garyian consciousness equation,φ=10−15 eV(4)±f(0)

Background of the Problem

Consciousness here refers to the subjective awareness of phenomenal experiences, qualia, (ideology, language, self, feelings, choice, control of voluntary behavior, thoughts, etc.) of internal and external worlds [1,4,6,7]. The academic (scientific) literature “describes three possibilities regarding the origin and place of consciousness in the universe: (A) as an emergent property of complex brain neuronal computation, (B) as spiritual quality of the universe, distinct from purely physical actions, and (C) as composed of discrete ‘proto-conscious’ events acting in accordance with physical laws not yet fully understood” [6]. These three possibilities are divided into two epistemological approaches, materialism and post-materialism, to understanding the ontological origins and nature of consciousness in the world. The former, (A), a materialist approach, emphasize the laws of classical physics to posit consciousness as the by-product of the neural correlates of the physical substrates of the material brain [4]. The latter two (B and C) are post-materialist approaches to understanding consciousness, which emphasize the emergence of consciousness as an external phenomenon that exists outside of the physical substrates of the brain either in the form of panpsychism or cosmopsychism/panspiritism. Both post-materialist perspectives use the concepts and theories of quantum mechanics to either complete the materialism of the (A) camp, i.e., the (C) camp, or to ground fourteen paranormal and parapsychological (near-death experiences, telepathy, telekinesis, out-of-body experiences, physic mediumship, etc.) empirical data as proof for the external nature of consciousness, i.e., the (B) camp, which is received by the brain [1,4,8-11].

All three positions are problematic in that they are unable to resolve the hard and binding problems of consciousness [4]. In the materialist camp (A), they are unable to account for how the neural correlates of the physical substrates of the material brain bind to give us the phenomenal subjective experience of consciousness. Just the same, in the post-materialist camps (B and C), they are unable to account for either how consciousness in everything, panpsychism, emerges/combines, or decombines from a god or the cosmos, panspiritism and cosmopsychism, respectively, in the material brain to give rise to consciousness [11].+

Theory and Method

Mocombe’s [1-3,12] consciousness field theory (CFT), which is part of his larger theory of phenomenological structuralism, resolves the hard and binding problematics of all three camps by positing the origins and nature of consciousness to be an emergent fifth force of nature that is cycled and recycled throughout the multiverse as a resonating channel or station of, and on, a frequency wavelength via its embodied elementary particle, psychion, which has spin, mass, charge, and phenomenal properties, i.e., qualia.

(Figure 1) In this article, I highlight the equation, what I call elsewhere the Garyian consciousness equation, for individual consciousness within Mocombe’s [3] consciousness field theory, which posits the claim that consciousness exists beyond life and does not originate from the physical substrates of the brain, which receives and facilitates consciousness in human beings, which is a resonating channel/station of, and on, the frequency wavelength of entangled and superimposed worlds, their Schumann waves, and their connections to the absolute vacuum, a fifth dimensional nonlocal space where all of the elementary particles are one.

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 1:Garyian equation for individual consciousness. The formula represents the elementary value of quantum energy for brain and Schumann waves plus or minus the resonating frequency channel or station of subjective phenomenal consciousness.

Discussion and Conclusion

Mocombe’s [1,2,12-14] physic, metaphysic, and philosophy (phenomenological structuralism) posits that we humans experience the material world via consciousness. Consciousness is an emergent fifth force of nature that arises from beings experiencing superimposed and entangled worlds, which gives rise to consciousness fields (consciousness field theory) the phenomenal properties, qualia, of which emerge as psychions, the subatomic particle of consciousness (along with the elementary particles of the other forces of nature) that is integrated in the absolute vacuum following matter disaggregation across the multiverse. In Mocombe’s theory of phenomenological structuralism, in other words, consciousness is an emergent fifth force of the universe, composed of elementary particles, psychions (psychon once embodied), with phenomenal properties, qualia, that are received by the brain as resonance, from the absolute vacuum and local consciousness fields, and integrated by its (the Brain’s) electromagnetic field to constitute mind, practical consciousness, and the self in material worlds of the multiverse. The phenomenal properties, qualia, of the psychions of a consciousness field, following matter disaggregation throughout the multiverse, either collapse upon other superimposed and entangled versions (resonances) of themselves throughout the multiverse, or are integrated, along with the subatomic particles of the other four forces (gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces), in the absolute vacuum of a (fifth-dimensional) superverse to create (via quantum fluctuation and tunneling) future beings and worlds with consciousness and phenomenal properties.

As such, the psychions of the consciousness field, once assimilated in the absolute vacuum, is an interconnected, endless, and nonlocal fifth force of nature, which, initially, emerges following matter aggregation and disaggregation in the multiverse. It is an endless assimilation of all past, present, and future information (practical activities and memories), Platonic forms, of beings of the multiverse recycled via the absolute vacuum (empty space in which elementary particles, quarks, and constituents of matter and forces of nature have become one), which fluctuates as a probability wave function, to give rise to entangled and superimposed worlds, each with their own consciousness fields, which produce future things and beings with consciousness. In other words, for Mocombe “the absolute vacuum,” exists independently of the (local) reality/ realities we experience, which is a particular manifestation of the probability wavefunction of it (absolute vacuum) [1-3,12]. Hence, for Mocombe the multiverse and its worlds are a material byproduct of the absolute vacuum, i.e., nonlocal spacetime, and local consciousness fields, which bear the facts, relations and states of affairs, and things (including consciousness) emanating from the former (absolute vacuum). It (the absolute vacuum), as defined by Mocombe, is whole (containing all of the phenomenal properties of the multiverse as a probability wavefunction), emergent (phenomenal properties, qualia, of embodied subatomic particles experiencing local consciousness fields), uncreated, and limited (the latter two a result of, and constrained by, the former two, i.e., the absolute vacuum emerges from, and is the experience of, the elementary forces of nature and the multiworlds they have created).

The absolute vacuum is a fifth dimensional superverse or cosmic soup where all the elementary particles are one, and fluctuate, as a probability wavefunction, tunnel, and inflate to produce four dimensional spacetimes (multiverses) where consciousness emerges as individuated psychonic fields or resonating channels/ stations produced by the firing of neurons in the brain where the elementary particle, psychion, of consciousness are embodied and tied to the frequency wavelength of Schumann waves of entangled and superimposed worlds, which are tied to the oscillating frequency wavelength of the absolute vacuum, which transmits the signal of phenomenal subjective consciousness to the psychions. Each individual consciousness has their own resonating psychionic channel or station on the frequency wavelength of the earth’s Schumann wave, which is tied to the frequency wavelength of the absolute vacuum, which transmits phenomenal consciousness to the psychionic channel in the brain. Figure 1, the Garyian equation, mathematically, represents the equationφ=10−15 eV(4)±f(0) of, and for, individual consciousness: phi Φ is the symbol for consciousness; 10⁻15eV(4), adopted from [15] Kozlowska and Kozlowski the formula represents the elementary value of quantum energy for brain and Schumann waves; f(0), represents the resonating psychionic channel or station of individual phenomenal consciousness received from the absolute vacuum [16-18]. The absolute vacuum houses and incorporates, as phenomenal property, qualia, all of the past, present, and future, lived experiences of all individual consciousnesses as a fifth force of nature and resonating frequency wavelength, which is transmitted to, Schumann waves of entangled and superimposed multiworlds, and received by, in human beings, the material brain, brainstem, and central nervous system [19-21].

Future research must
1) continue to search for evidence of multiverses and other forms of existence tied to our present world, which will be similarly constituted as our own universe, and
2) proofs for the existence of the field of consciousness or consciousness field and its force, psychion, in order to falsify or verify Mocombe’s overall theories of phenomenological structuralism and consciousness fields.


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