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A Novel Soft Support Device for Erectile Dysfunction: Penile Support Pad

*Corresponding author:Mingguang Yi, Retired electronics engineer, 12 Marwood Ave, Truganina, VIC, Australia.

Received:May 4, 2023; Published:May 10, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2023.18.002518


This article describes a novel soft support device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, called the penile support pad. It consists of a fence-like sheet of stainless steel attached to silicone scar tape. It’s a promising new option for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Keywords: Erectile dysfunction, External penile support


Currently, external penile support devices for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are mainly rigid [1], which are not accepted by most women due to vaginal foreign body sensation [2]. To improve women’s satisfaction, a soft support method called the erection band has been proposed [3]. However, this method isolates a large section of the penis shaft from the vagina, causing the patient to lose perception of the depth of penetration of the penis into the vagina. To address this issue, this article proposes a new soft support device called the Penile Support Pad (PSP).

Penis Support Pad

The PSP consists of a fence-like stainless steel sheet attached to a silicone scar tape, as shown in (Figure 1a and 1b). To ensure comfort and safety, the steel plate is covered with a double layer of silicone tape, as shown in (Figure 1b). The size of the PSP is determined by the size of the steel plate. A small PSP with a 40mmX30mm steel plate is suitable for mild ED patients, while a medium-sized 40mmX50mm steel plate can be used for moderate ED patients. For severe ED patients, a larger 80mmX50mm plate may be sufficient. The thickness of the steel plate used is 0.1mm, and the total thickness of PSP is about 0.5mm

Using the PSP is easy. The patient places it on the penis belly, as shown in (Figure 1d), and puts on a condom to prevent it from sliding. The only challenge might be the possibility of the pubic hair getting stuck. To avoid any problems with pubic hair, it’s best to trim it short.


The PSP covers a smaller area of the penis, leaving the dorsum of the penis completely exposed. This allows the patient to perceive the depth of insertion. This is a major improvement as it increases overall patient satisfaction. Compared to the erection band, the PSP is more comfortable and provides a more natural intercourse experience for both partners. While further research is needed to determine its clinical effectiveness and patient and partner satisfaction, SPS shows great potential as a soft and comfortable ED solution (Figure 1).


This research received no specific grant from any funding agency in the public, commercial, or not-for-profit sectors.


The author declares no conflict of interest in preparing this article. This study is the author’s independent research. There is not any interest to disclose.

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Figure 1:Penile Support Pad.
a) Fence-like steel sheet.
b) PSP cross section: 1. Stainless Steel Sheet; 2. Silicone Tape; 3. Silicone Scar Tape.
c) A small size PSP.
d) A medium-sized PSP attached to the penis.

Conflict of Interest



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