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A Radical Way to Prevent Skin Aging and Treat it with the Help of Biogenic Stimulants

*Corresponding author: Sergey Roslyak, Freelance researcher, associate professor at the Ukrainian State University of Food Technologies, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Received: November 17, 2023; Published: November 27, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2023.20.002738


Extending the aesthetic side of life is the sixth component of the developed program for the treatment of old age as a complex of chronic diseases. Gentle skin care should be an integral part of a comprehensive approach to preventing signs of aging. The relevance of the problem of aging is due to the significant influence of the appearance of facial skin on social well-being, adaptation in society and the quality of human life.

Keywords: Skin aging, Prevention, Treatment, Biogenic stimulants


Aging is always understood as an external phenomenon. The first signs of aging on the surface of the skin appear around the age of 25. As we age, a person’s appearance changes and changes occur: the skin loses moisture, loses its ability to regenerate and becomes thinner. After 50 years, this process becomes very intense. Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped, but the visible signs of overall skin aging can be reduced. Some causes can be changed, others can be controlled. The timeliness of anti-aging procedures depends only on the desire of the person. The most noticeable is a decrease in volume and loss of clear facial contours (which is caused by a decrease in the body’s production of its own elastin and collagen and the presence of inflammatory processes). In dermatology and cosmetology, the following methods for correcting involutional skin changes have been developed: hardware, injection, and cosmetic care methods. However, it is impossible to achieve a sustainable significant effect with their help, since they are designed to enhance body odor, change the appearance, cleanse, maintain it in good condition, aromatize or protect (the word cosmetics comes from ancient Greek, “the art of decorating, dressing up”). We believe that the key to sustainable success in correcting age-related skin changes is to provide the skin with the necessary treatment, hydration and nutrition it needs.

Materials and Methods

A promising direction for correcting age-related skin changes is the use of SR-18 suspension ointment, which provides comprehensive treatment of inflammatory processes and skin regeneration. The composition of the SR-18 ointment suspension was developed by us in 2018 and tested for five years. Plum kernel oil was selected and used as a fat base, which contains up to 80% oleic acid, as well as palmitic and stearic acids: beta-carotene, phytosterols, tocopherols, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc. Thanks to its composition, it prevents the loss of collagen in the skin and stimulates healing processes, leaves the skin feeling soft, has a pleasant aroma, and does not leave an oily sheen. The main substances: propolis - an adhesive substance with which bees cover the cracks in the evidence (its important properties: stimulation of immunobiological processes in the body, suppression of reproduction and destruction of microorganisms) and royal jelly - a special food that bees use to feed the royal larvae (provides immunomodulatory and antitumor effect, increases the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections, enhances protein metabolism, increases the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin level; it is a nutritious product that is well absorbed by the body). At its core, the SR-18 suspension ointment is a biogenic stimulant with a multifunctional spectrum of action, which is a somatotropic hormone based on a natural preparation that also contains a strong natural antibiotic, which has a unique property - microorganisms do not develop resistance to it. Suspension ointment SR-18 suppresses destructive processes in the body, preventing the action of free radicals and promotes cell renewal. All patients who took part voluntarily and gave verbal consent (15 people, age group: 5 people 40-50 years old, 10 people 60+), to correct age-related changes in facial skin, SR-18 ointment was applied once a day to the skin of the face and hands (filmed after 2 hours). The course of therapy consisted of 20 procedures with an interval of 3 months. If desired, the course was repeated annually. It was found that in all patients, the use of SR-18 ointment improved the structural and functional organization of the epidermis and dermis and increased the thickness of the dermal layer. A decrease in clinical signs of aging was observed in almost all women, but the clinical effect was more pronounced in the age group from 40 to 50 years. In group 2 (60+), a decrease in clinical signs of aging after a course of procedures was observed in 90%. The vast majority of patients were satisfied with the results obtained after the course of procedures. The main method of preventing skin aging is the use of SR-18 ointment (based on plum seed oil, propolis, royal jelly and unrefined cocoa butter), which allows you to cure chronic inflammatory processes, ensure its hydration and supply with necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals; in turn, this will activate regenerative processes and make positive external changes possible. The restorative effect of the SR-18 suspension ointment is explained by the fact that when propolis and royal jelly enter the skin, they provide complete treatment of inflammatory processes, and also stimulate the production of collagen - a useful element for skin elasticity and elastin, which restores the contour of the skin; wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin restores its healthy color, dryness and irritation disappear. Two patients had dyshidrotic eczema on their elbows and hands. The first episodes of the disease occurred in childhood, and then in adolescence they passed, but after 20 years of age, relapses developed, and the disease became chronic. The patients were aware of the study and gave voluntary consent to participate in it. They were prescribed treatment, which included external application of SR-18 ointment suspension to the affected areas of the skin 2 times a day for 21 days using bandages impregnated with zebra’s wax. Symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema in a 45-year-old patient significantly decreased 5 days after using the SR-18 ointment suspension, and a positive clinical result was achieved at the end of the treatment period. Over the course of a year, the patient underwent a course of prophylaxis twice. Over the next 4 years, no relapses were noted. In the second patient, 77 years old, symptoms decreased significantly by the end of treatment, but a complete positive result was not achieved. The observation period was three years.


Ointment suspension SR-18 has proven itself over 5 years of use as an effective, safe product that improves not only metabolism and blood supply to the skin, but also the restoration of all its layers. SR-18 ointment is a powerful energy corrector and antioxidant, its therapeutic effect manifests itself at the cellular level, improving cellular metabolism. Taking a comprehensive, holistic approach can help both minimize the effects of aging and prevent further skin aging. The correct choice of the necessary active ingredients, such as royal jelly, propolis, plum and cocoa oils, allows you to achieve significant improvements in the appearance of the skin. The use of ointment - suspension SR-18 and SR-19 in patients with dyshidrotic eczema gives a pronounced effect and improves the quality of life of patients. As a result of treatment, complete or partial relief of skin manifestations of the disease is achieved. SR-19 ointment has shown high effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis and good tolerability. It is also important to note the painlessness of dressing procedures, improving the quality of life of patients, and the absence of complications. Unfortunately, there is one limitation - the individual allergic reaction of the body to bee products - this is about 7% of the total population. As a result of the therapy, a decrease in clinical signs of skin aging was observed in almost all women. It was found that the use of SR-18 suspension ointment contributed to the improvement of the structural and functional organization of the epidermis and dermis, and an increase in the thickness of the dermal layer. The use of ointment - suspension SR-18 and SR- 19 after further clinical studies can be considered as an integral part of anti-eczema and anti-psoriasis therapy. The data obtained indicate the high efficiency and safety of their use. These ointments also meet the following requirements: provide maximum penetration deep into the epidermis, are suitable for all skin types, have a simple and understandable treatment regimen, are well absorbed into the skin, and do not develop an addictive effect. Of particular note is the lack of toxicity of these products. The use of developed ointments is also advisable in patients who do not respond to standard medications [1-10].

Conflict of Interest

The author Sergey Roslyak is an independent researcher and is not an employee of government agencies or private companies offering contract development services for the pharmaceutical industry.


This study was fully funded by the author.


Acknowledgments I would like to thank my wife Svetlana Roslyak for her patience, beekeeper Vladimir Malykhin for technical advice on collecting royal jelly, and Dr. Sergei Dakhnov for critical reading.


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