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A Time-Machine, An Electro-Mechanical System That Have a Strange Behaviour Respect at Time

*Corresponding author: Francesco Pia, Loc Riu Mannu snc Gonnosfanadiga 09035 (SU), Italy.

Received: September 16, 2023; Published: September 21, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2023.20.002681


In this work we will examine a dream that has always existed in the collective imagination as the so-called: Time Machine; this work begins with an idea which is followed by a series of dreams represented graphically below and therefore from the dream we will perhaps arrive at a reality, why deny it if it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We will try to understand whether it is possible to measure or in any case detect a different variation of time inside or outside a box made up of shape memory materials with a certain conformation that allows the so-called implosion and consequent sudden restoration and consequent recrystallization in the case of dielectrics; this box will be crossed by electric current with a certain criterion, hypotheses will be made which will not be technologically refined but which could be so in a second time. The main aim remains to verify whether shape memory materials allow this, thanks to the circulation of a current in an adequate way, the detection of a different travel time variation between the inside and outside of a small box, or dielectric plate; the fundamental problem remains that of the circulation of current which is not yet technologically feasible and which will therefore be mostly traditional. The concept of time will still remain controversial, but nothing prevents us from reasoning absurdly, or for subsequent verifications, right in the center of the variation of the shape memory of a “temporary cusp” object where recrystallization occurs; trying to understand whether the variation in speed with respect to the variation in section or distance of the current traveled determines an expected behavior of the electric current or not and therefore in relation to the relationship between space traveled and speed to determine the time and therefore whether this all in all is like he says he is benevolent towards the experiment and our intentions. Plants grow, children grow, we age and it seems that time passes, but it doesn’t: time does not exist; we are convinced that time passes but it is the variation of configurations that belongs to us that changes and what we call time is a measure of the variations of configurations: of our organism, our planets, galaxies and this is the starting point from which we deduce all our work in this article. It is this variation in configuration that cannot be restored due to the well-known principles of thermodynamics; that is, it is true that work is expended from one configuration to another but it is also true that the same work cannot restore, without dissipation, the previous configuration: so it all seems useless, the passing of configurations is equivalent to the passing of time and this is the point at which one should work for the time machine, restore the configuration with the same starting work and without dispersion, it’s all here, it seems all here. So, let’s recap: if it is true that time does not exist but that we are always in the presence of a path of configurations that give us this sensation, it is also true that every tick and every tick of our device can take us to the parallel universe described in bibliography, asynchronous teleportation, that is, the one that is activated every time we have a configuration change, all this seems very exciting.

Keywords: Shape memory, Capacitor, Dielectric, Crystal, Displacement current, Dream


The concept of time is somewhat controversial, in fact it is commonly used even if there is no proof of its existence; rather, we describe the position of objects with respect to each other even on a cosmic level and this suggests the absence of time and not existence.

In the present work we want to consider the difference in “speed” of the electric current between two adjacent surfaces in a shape memory material and in particular the displacement current; therefore this material suddenly regaining its shape, being a dielectric between two plates, is subject to this displacement current both externally and internally depending on the point of view and this could mean the reduction or increase in speed compared to the external part or internal of this dielectric. This is the second method/ system, because before we simply thought of a non-dielectric shape memory material and therefore we fell into an error. Below is the first figure with clear meridian cusps that arise from the temporary deformation which disappear when the material resumes its original shape.

Having done this, we can, with the geometric representation of the box, detect a different time variation between the inside and the outside, so let’s say that the dream may or may not become reality up to a certain point and this reality can be, as says, true or false, but we have an experiment to carry out. It is very important to define this device as a machine, because it captures and releases energy depending on the movement of the shape memory surface, a kind of temporal transformer.

To support this extravagant idea, we remember as engineering students that some professors of Technical Physics spoke of the fact that it was true that absolute zero could not be reached but that negative absolute temperatures existed and therefore this temperature was exceeded T = 0[K]; this also reminds me, when I was studying Physics among colleagues, that the speed of light can never be reached but objects with higher speed exist: this could happen in shape memory crystals, when the circulating current due to the voltage, it comes together again is recomposed the crystalline mush of these materials that are recomposed with a crash should be investigated.

In figure (Figure 1) of the device is to be thought of as [1-5], in particular on the direction of the constant force both internally and externally and therefore observe that A. Einstein’s theory on the speed of light always exists, therefore?

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Figure 1: This figure represents the original design inspired by a box initially made of conductive material.

Oniric Chronology

In this paragraph the various representations of the time machine imagined in different ways with our dream experiences are listed in chronological order, and only in the following paragraph with originally technical deductions.

In the previous figure (Figure 2), a first dream is artistically represented, it is a car shell. There are aspects that make one think that the Time Machine had nothing to do with it and they are: a car wreck thrown into a junkyard, an abandoned car body in a courtyard where children have played in various ways; while positive aspects are visible on the adjacency of the dream to the representation of the Time Machine, and they are: the lack of the license plate and the wheels, the uniform painting even on the windows. Ultimately it is just a dream like others that will be described below.

In the next figure (Figure 3), the second dream is represented, again artistically. It is similar to a time contactor rotating on a single axis: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. It almost looks like a time contactor to have inside a possible Time Machine: like the one represented in the previous figure (Figure 2).

The next figure represents the third dream, in which it is stated “...it was so easy...?”; it almost seems like a simple Time Machine based on a recomposition of the previous configuration; but in it there was something more, extraordinary and simple that unfortunately we do not remember (Figure 4).

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Figure 2: This figure represents the first dream that can likely be associated with a kind of time machine.

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 3: figure represents the second dream which can be associated with a regulator, such as a calendar, specific and functional to a time machine.

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 4: The third dream is represented in the figure, it is perhaps a second type of time machine.

Event Line

The configuration of the objects that make up our surrounding environment or not “space” (Universe) is difficult to represent; the simpler it is to represent events on a scale of comparison suited to our needs, preferably close to our objects. In this work, a line of events is proposed with respect to a point of origin of the person or device created thanks to concentric circles. In this depiction of objects and movements, each “tack” of our device can take us to the parallel universe described in the Genetic Geometry present in bibliography [3]: the so-called asynchronous teleportation, i.e. the one that is activated every time we have a configuration change, all this seems very interesting for what we will describe later.

In the following figure, each point of any configuration represents an event known to us or not from which countless events can arise: represented by further possible circles, events not objects. All this represents a cartography of events useful to us to reach configurations or movements commonly called instants/ times useful to our Time Machine to find previous or subsequent moments (Figure 5).

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Figure 5: In this figure it is represented more than one line of events that arise from “point” configurations of any circonference.

Proposed System

In this paragraph we would try to describe the proposed system without going into crystallographic and analytical details. This system is essentially an electric capacitor with plates of conductive material and a shape memory dielectric, with a “V” profile connected as in the figure (Figure 6). This capacitor has a double armature connected to the input lead: one connected to the positive pole and one to the negative pole respectively bound to the capacitor hyperstatically to the casing but adjacent to the upper part of the dielectric the “+” and the “-” at the lower profile of the “V”. The other lead of the capacitor is always made up of an armature symmetrical to the previous one but maintained by two appropriate “F” forces useful for allowing the restoration of the initial shape. From an initial geometric examination it is possible to observe a difference in the path of the displacement current from the “˄” shape to the “—” shape indicated with “?1”: the length of the upper and lower part: “?lu” “?lb” are obviously different as reported in the following equation: la lunghezza della parte superiore ed inferiore:

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Figure 6: In this figure is representeds the capacitor: that is, the basic element of the “time generator” forwards or backwards in “time”.

(1) “?lu”≠”?lb”, “u=upper, b=below”

this difference affects the calculation of the distance traveled by the upper and lower displacement current [6-11]:

The displacement current present in the capacitor is expressed in the following equation [12]:

which despite not being a real traditional electrical current helps us in our speculations.

Being the space traveled in the two profiles of the dielectric at time “i”:

it could, thanks to recrystallization, be present at the time “i+1”:

and therefore a hypothetical difference:

and so:

And by reversing the deformation, that is, the forward force over time deforms in one way, for example from an acute/obtuse angle downwards to an acute/obtuse angle upwards and instead if it goes back from an obtuse/acute angle downwards with a push, not a pull from an acute angle downwards. Naturally the displacement current was needed and it could be positive one time and negative another time on the same surface as happens on opposite surfaces so the effects cancel out so you can put more devices in series or arrange them in a circular way and make them act simultaneously with a thread are made tiaras and deformed at the same time so the effect of time deformation will be the sum of the effects of the individual devices (Figure 7,8).

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Figure 7: This figure represents the basic element of the “time generator” connected in series with other similar elements.

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 8: This figure represents a time selector with elements obtained with the criterion expressed graphically in the previous figure.


One of the mistakes that are commonly made is to extend time globally to the entire Universe while the configurations are local: limited and close to us and to the instrument, thus “local” time is”.

It is also true that science is currently taking small steps forward, including those it could take with respect to time, this device, only forwards and going backwards will not be possible for now; therefore it remains a dream to move back and forth with respect to this phantom greatness like time. Almost all people say that fantasy surpasses imagination for things that are fantastic or out of the ordinary or incomprehensible; the undersigned expects the opposite to happen, that is, that imagination surpasses fantasy and I am referring precisely to that one person in a million and referring to him I say: he studies.


The author Francesco Pia thanks Simona Sardu Philosophical Doct, Silvia Pia, Biagio Pia, domestic servant Anniva Saba†, goat servant Silvio Pia†, Alex Tomasi, Dr. Isaura Meloni, Andrico Antonio, Andrico Maurizio, Dr. Laura Ferrè, MD, PhD Dr. Chiara Zanetta, MD Neurology and Neurorehabilitation Unit, Multiple Sclerosis Center, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan; BE FIT A.S.D. Gym by Christian Maccioni in San Gavino Monreale, Nunzia Sibiriu† e Luciano Sibiriu e family.


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