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Peculiarities of the Universe and COVID-19 Virus Vital Functioning Discovered by Solving Klein-Gordon Equation

*Corresponding author: Evgeny Pavlovich Sidorov, Deputy Director for Research and Technology, Agrostroyservis Research and Production Association, Dzerzhinsk, Russia

Received: September 09, 2023; Published: September 19, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2023.20.002676


The article discusses the results of using the method of studying the physical properties attributed to viruses through the specially solved Klein-Gordon equation. The latter suggests that one mole of the environment (i.e., atmosphere) contains viruses in concentration equal to one million pieces. This shows that during a pandemic, the whole atmosphere is saturated with viruses almost to the same extent as it is filled with air. It is suggested that the main way of infecting a person with a virus is its penetration via the paired photon teleportation of grains-potential associated with the RNA phantom. The energy-mass of the virus is formed in three stages. It is argued that the formation of the energy-mass of the virus in the electromagnetic wave state could occur only under a strong gravitational field created by the planets. The conditions of the environmental state are given at each stage of the virus formation, as well as the features of the structural organization are described for each stage of the virus formation as a biological entity.

Keywords: Physical properties of viruses, Klein-Gordon equation solution, Concentration of viruses in the atmosphere, Gravitational field, Wave-particle duality, Ponderomotive forces, Schumann field, Induction charge


When we meet a fact which contradicts a prevailing theory, we must accept the fact and abandon the theory, even when the theory is supported by great names and generally accepted. Modern scientists have thoroughly researched, fundamentally studied and described the states of transformation processes of chemical elements and compositions in the implementation of metabolism, and the metabolism of the human body, in general. However, they represent the movement of these processes in their descriptions as a consequence of the impersonal efforts of the properties of the involvement of interacting elements in chemical reactions. The overwhelming majority of modern physical methods for studying matter, used by scientists to determine the structure and properties of biological objects are not able to fix and study the causal relation ship of phenomena occurring at the speed of light or as weak quan tum-chemical interactions without serious changes in the atomic structure of matter. The Modern Academic Insight (MAI) about human physiology is “a body without main organs vital for functioning of a human body.” If we add the concepts of modern quantum physics to the MAI, in determining the causes of activity of human vital organs, namely: the processes of hydrogen ionization and the synthesis of water molecules, the theory of the wave function with hidden variables of the actual configuration of the de Broglie-Bohm particle system, the processes of orientation polarization and the magneto-hydrodynamic effect of bringing the blood water flow into vortex motion by Lorentz forces, as well as the law of conservation and maintenance of average energy of vital system and the inertial momentum equilibrium conservation force in photon interactions, then the MAI will acquire an cause-and-effect relationship of natural phenomena manifestations in the human body.

When determining the physical properties of viruses E.G. Yakubovsky, physicist [1], provided a special solution of the Klein-Gordon equation and obtained data that the volume of viruses per one mole of the medium is equal to 5x10-8 cm3 with the volume of the virus itself equal to 5x10-13 cm3. This means that one mole contains viruses in a concentration equal to one million pieces, and the atmospheric volume occupied by all viruses corresponds to the volume fractal occupied by all elementary particles per mole. This suggests that during a pandemic, the space occupied by the entire atmosphere of Schumann’s electromagnetic fields is saturated with viruses showing a state of vital activity, to the same extent as they are saturated with air. At the same time, due to the physical properties of the virus it is asserted that at the saturation of the atmosphere with viruses, the micro-object is located both inside a living cell and at a distance from it, where the distance is set by the energy structure of the system. It proves the possibility of the virus penetrating the cell body by teleporting its phantom. The possibility of teleportation is scientifically proved by laboratory experiments conducted in the Russian Academy of Sciences and in one of the US laboratories by Vladimir Poponin, a specialist in the field of quantum biology. The same was done by Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine, and his colleagues from France, Italy, and Germany. The scientists have teleported a DNA phantom from airspace to an aquatic environment. V. A. Kontur, professor of the Far Eastern University, made calculation and proved that the linear dimensions attributed to the COVID-19 virus are significantly smaller than that of calculated de Broglie wavelength. With a certain degree of confidence, it approves the assertion that the wave properties of the virus are closely related to its geometry and its vital activity is attributed to corpuscular-wave dualism of photons and microparticles. The virus, when is adequate to the properties of photons, is able to form inductive connections with them influenced by electromagnetic fields of biological entities. This proves that the virus, COVID-19, is able to penetrate the cell in two following ways: either as a corpuscle, thus using the gravity electromagnetic force effects of its electromagnetic potentials that make up the energy-mass, or through paired photon teleportation of the grains-potentials of the RNA phantom. Teleportation is exerted only as a result of a stationary source (i.e., viral RNA) being exposed to an external induction charge thus creating energy conditions for multiphoton ionization in an aqueous solution of blood. This occurs within the scope of the de Broglie wavelength scale for a given biological entity. Therefore, for example, the COVID-19 virus, having a de Broglie wavelength of 870nm, penetrates into a cell of 7500nm in size, as well as a corpuscle or by teleportation.

E.G. Yakubovsky [1], providing the solution of the Klein-Gordon equation, calculated that the time of birth, life, and decay of the virus is equal to 10-16 seconds. It proves as follows: in order to maintain the vital activity of one molecule of the virus for one second, the surrounding space must be constantly filled with a little more than 1016 viruses. Researchers from Germany led by Christine Dorsten, (Klinik Charite, Berlin) and Clemens Wendtner (Klinik Schwabing, Munich) performed a detailed virological analysis of patients with relatively mild symptoms of COVID-19. Analyzes showed the presence of large amounts of the virus in the upper respiratory tract during the first week after the onset of symptoms (with a peak around the 4th day), namely, 7.11x108 copies of RNA. Similar results were published by researchers in Hong Kong. German scientists have found that the gradient of the virus spread in the body (mainly in the circulatory system, in the nodes of blood exchange with oxygen and carbon dioxide) is the highest within 4 days, after the virus penetrates the body. That is, it synthesizes its Phantoms within 4 days and reaches its maximum of quantitative value by the fifth day:7.11х108 molecules in one mL of blood. Thus, in 4 days (i.e.,345 600 seconds), the human body, due to its metabolic reserves, is able to form 7.11x108 viruses or, on average, in one second their common “body” is born and formed from 2.06x103 viruses per one mL of blood. To ensure teleportation of 2.06x103 energy primordial “embryos” of viruses into the human body per second, it is required to have them in the environment in an amount equal to: 2.06х103х1016 = 2.06х1019 pieces per second. Taking into account the calculations made by E.G. Yakubovsky, where the volume of the virus per mole of the medium is deemed to be equal to 5x10-8 cm3, while the volume of the virus itself is 5x10-13 cm3, one unit volume of the medium contains 105 viruses. At the same time, the volume of the environment where 2.06x1019 “embryos” of the virus, required for teleportation (or infection), will function, is approximately equal to 9.2x109 m3 of atmospheric air.

Given the constant saturation of a unit volume of the environment containing almost a million viruses, it is irrational to assume that the human body is mainly infected with a virus through its transmission from person to person. Therefore, the following conclusion is obvious: the virus enters the human body from the environment. To prove this, we can cite the assertion that the human body, with its electric charge, generates magnetic induction in the corpuscular-wave energy structure of the virus. The induction sets it in motion and is followed with moving into the human body. If the human body has such an energy capacity at a given moment, the virus penetrates it (i.e., the so-called infection occurs), and if it lacks the electric charge to excite magnetic induction and, accordingly, induce the ponderomotive forces that set the virus in motion, it does not enter the human body. At the same time, the energy field of the virus is formed by the electric charge of the “local” external electromagnetic field in the atmosphere, which may differ from the average value, and as a result, people living in the area may not always be able to generate the magnetic induction necessary to induce the ponderomotive forces. Thus, accordingly, they are exposed to infection. It is quite obvious that measures to “hold” the pandemic by limiting people’s contacts (including international ones) are not effective enough when fighting the pandemic. However, by generating thunderstorm electromagnetic activity of a certain value within the parameters attributed to the Schumann electromagnetic field and by the electric filling of its charge, in a given volume of space, due to the production and consumption of electricity in a given country, it is quite possible to create conditions that will allow managing the epidemiological perspective. An interesting point is given in the analysis of the incidence of COVID-19 in different developed countries, depending on the generated and consumed electrical energy. For example, the infection rate is estimated as follows: 18.8 million people per GWh of electricity consumption in the USA, 16.36 million people per GWh in Russia, 27.56 million people in India, 40.6 million people in Germany; and 51.72 million people in France. It is likely that the generation of the Schumann electromagnetic field depends on the concentration of sources of generation and consumption of electricity. Therefore, in some global areas that lacks the electrical energy, which is required to form the “skeleton” of the virus from electromagnetic waves by exposure to magnetic induction in the Schumann electromagnetic field, a mass pandemic is substituted with single or accidental infections with the virus.

The creation and formation of the energy mass (i.e. matter) of the virus, as well as its subsequent genetics, is implemented by nature through three stages. Each stage of the formation of the energy- mass of the virus has its own environmental characteristics, which have their own time frames and spatial dimensions, as well as the physical state of the internal content. At the first stage, when the visible matter of the energy-mass of the virus is formed as a result of the interactive reaction between two positrons with antiparallel spins, hydrogen is formed in the state of ortho/para modifications in the form of Electromagnetic Waves (EMW) of different energy states. It is quite obvious that at least two types of electromagnetic waves are created by nature, namely: EMW, which has the properties of wave-particle duality (photons) and microwaves, which has information-wave dualism. Microwaves, the wavelength of which is centimeters, at high levels of radiation and upon reaching resonance with the oscillator of the biological essence vibrations, are able to exert a biological effect on them in the direction of creating a certain type of living being. This has been proven by scientists and reveals the secret of the birth of biological species.

At the first stage when the energy-mass of biological entities is formed, the space of the Universe is discrete and consists of “fragments” of electromagnetic waves of various physical states and energy content. At the same time, these corpuscular-wave and information “rudiments” associated with the programs to construct the planned probabilistic energy-mass are presented in the Space as all respondents of the construction showing the state of insufficient density for the implementation of the resonance. They only show the value of 230.1 MeV. At this time, an unsystematic process of the particle formation of chemical elements takes place by means of recuperation and recombination of hydrogen ions with a random meeting of the resonant ingredients participating in this reaction. Along with the insufficient density of respondents in the process of EMW resonance formation, this part of space lacks strong gravitational fields. These highly gravitational electromagnetic fields, by the force of induced induction, can generate currents in the electromagnetic wave, which create a ponderomotive force. This force, under the influence of an oscillating external magnetic field, contributes to the emergence of an oscillator in electromagnetic wave oscillations. However, as the above conditions fail, only the initial parts of chemical elements are formed in this part of Space. They are incapable of recombining themselves into the so-called “skeleton” of biological essence. Therefore, all processes when visible matter (i.e. energy-mass) is formed only occurs in the gravitational belts of the planets, and not in space vacuum, far from magnetically gravitating sources.

At the second stage, a wave electromagnetic “skeleton” of the energy-mass of a biological entity is formed from resonant EM waves of chemical elements and RNA compounds in the socalled Schumann electromagnetic field takes place. The source of Schumann resonance waves is global thunderstorm activity, and electromagnetic waves are emitted from the channels of lightning, which are formed by photons during the electron-ion clusters formation. The formation of an electronic cluster occurs in the decay-synthesis of the hydrogen atom, by it emitting the photons and absorbing these photons by the electrons of the cluster. These waves propagate over the entire surface of the Earth and constantly surround us. Some of the electromagnetic waves generated in the earth’s atmosphere from lightning, being repeatedly reflected, coincide with themselves and resonate, while generating a resonant system of Schumann’s stochastic magnetoelectric fields. These fields tune the amplitude of the external electromagnetic field (or noise, as stipulated by scientists) to the internal properties of the biological organism by a mechanism of periodic excitation with a frequency of oscillations, synchronized in phase with the background electric fields of the atmosphere. Thus, the Noise acts as a constructive factor causing an increase in the degree of coherence or degree of order in a biological system. The main task of the electromagnetic waves in Schumann’s frequency fields is to create and implement the mechanism for oscillations to self-organize with a harmonic oscillator, which generates a joint correction of disturbances in the vital activity of biological systems.

When the primordial formations of visible matter (which takes the form of an electron-positron pair, a hydrogen atom, and photons for various purposes in the airless space of the Space) meet with an object that has a high magnetically gravitational belt, the “skeleton” of the primordial essence-virus in the state of an Electromagnetic Wave (EMW) is born. The corpuscular-wave dualism of the virus material formation is originally attributed to the EMW resonance, which has the properties of corpuscular-wave dualism (photon) and a wave that has information-wave dualism (UHF waves). There is reason to believe that an information microwave (like the human soul) is introduced, by way of self-organization, to RNA in a certain material formation at the level when a hydrogen atom appears during the decay of an electron-positron pair. This happens on the background of a weak Schumann’s electromagnetic field. Thus, the electromagnetic “skeleton” of the original virus, formed by electrical induction forces! as well as by the forces of the precessions of the planet Earth and the precessions surrounding the Earth, planetary and stellar systems, is ready for a further stage of materialization in the body of a biological entity.

However, in accordance with the average energy conservation law in the equilibrium mass (or, in our case, energy-mass) of the clusters of the functioning Schumann’s field, the responders of the field (e.g., an electron) will try to restore the equilibrium state of their own living environment by destroying viral formations. E.G. Yakubovsky [1], with his special solution of the Klein-Gordon equation, theoretically substantiated the complex effect that free electrons exert on viruses. The dimensions of such electrons should be quantum and equal to 3.85x10-11 cm and they act by colliding with the wave structure of the virus. When an electron and a virus collides, a denser and much smaller particle, that is the electron, cuts the virus, forming a hole in it. This is quite natural since the density of the virus is 108 times less than the density of the electron. The lifetime of the virus is 10-16 seconds. During this time, it confronts 34.6 collisions that could lead to the disappearance of the virus. However, for some reason unknown to mankind, Schumann’s electromagnetic field instantly restores the magnetic field inside the virus and, accordingly, its “body” density and the ability to induce magnetic induction are restored. Therefore, the virus can complete the third and the last stage of its “body” formation and penetrate the life of the human body in order to change its harmonious oscillator. As in the second stage, the process occurs under the influence of Schumann’s electromagnetic fields through the mechanism of periodic excitation with a frequency of oscillations synchronized in phase with the background electric fields of the atmosphere.

It must be taken into account that fifty percent of the volume of a person’s mass is made up of bacteria and viruses, a person is adjacent to them and shares metabolic products. Penetrating into a human body, the COVID-19 virus tries to integrate into its structure and with its internal energy field change the potentials of the general external energy field. However, the virus needs energy potentials and materials in the form of oxygen and hydrogen to be born. Therefore, the virus removes these elements from the metabolism of an aqueous solution of blood, in the quantities of chemical elements required for its “body” formation. Such an action violates the balance of the average energy of vital activity and requires a person to either reduce his needs, which, in most cases, leads to a painful state, expressed in a violation of the processes of sorption, desorption, reabsorption and resorption (the intake of nutrients from the environment into the internal environment of the body through cells, cell membranes). Or to open up additional reserves of the body used by a person in extreme situations, for example, mountain climbers, military submariners and the like, previously trained people. Why it is very difficult for old people and children to endure a meeting with the virus. Just because the circulatory system is not yet sufficiently developed in children, and in the elderly, in most cases, there are no reserve opportunities for activating energy metabolic processes. As a result of the infection of children with the COVID-19 virus, a disease called “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome” appears, which manifests itself as a consequence of the response of the wave structure of the virus to its hypoxia. Affected children show symptoms similar to those of Kawasaki Syndrome. In the process of the disease, tissue vascularization occurs through the formation and proliferation of new blood vessels, damage to small and large coronary arteries and vessels. A group of children from 6 to 13 years old has been identified, in whom these symptoms are significantly pronounced when infected with the virus. It is known that a six-year-old child in one breath draws 41.4mL of oxygen into the blood for metabolism, and an adult person inhales a triple dose, i.e. 132.9mL of oxygen. This amount of oxygen (41.4ml) is enough for the child’s metabolism, but for the construction of the amount of Phantom virus, which is planned and implemented, its RNA is extremely insufficient. A situation is created when hypoxia is induced in the child and hypoxia is manifested in the virus. To solve this dilemma, a dualism of solutions is developed, namely, the virus reduces the intensity of energy influences on the aqueous solution of blood, responding to the insufficient electrical potentials for photon ionization of erythrocyte and hemoglobin molecules, and the human body, by the activity of a hypoxia-induced transcription factor, generates angiogenesis - the formation of new blood vessels, and develops a respiratory system for delivering a sufficient volume of oxygen to the lungs and, at the same time, a system for regeneration and assimilation of blood. Thus, this process continues until the moment the law of conservation of the average energy of the equilibrium energy-mass of clusters is observed. A person returns to the metabolism and energy exchange necessary for a healthy lifestyle, and the virus, in turn, penetrating into the human body, without “further struggle” acquires conditions for vital functioning and the disease recedes.

This year, three Nobel Prize winners in physiology and medicine, William Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Johns Hopkins discovered and studied the hypoxia-induced transcription factor - protein which regulates the work of many genes in the body with a lack of oxygen. The scientists’ discoveries have revealed how cells in the body adapt to changes in oxygen levels and help influence angiogenesis by analyzing the interaction of the VHL protein with HIF-1a. The development of a method for sequentially tracking the initial stage of hypoxia during the introduction of a virus based on this discovery and, at the same time, the ability of this organism to provide the virus with additional metabolism, will help to establish a causal relationship in treatment.

All chemical compounds that participate in metabolism are in the state of aqueous solutions and are constantly subjected to processes of destruction of their constituent elementary parts (molecules, atoms and nuclei) by dissociation and ionization, followed by synthesis or “jumping” of ions and electrons through absorption and emission of photons. The results of dissociation of water molecules and recombination of ions explain the formation of addition al volumes of water and hydrogen molecules in the blood aqueous solution, replacing those used up during metabolism and which are only replenished by reactions carried out by human internal organs. It should be noted that during metabolism, along with visible chemical processes, electromagnetic microdipole interactions occur in the bioelectric field of cells. In the aqueous cluster, in the process of water dissociation, the processes of formation of electrically charged dipoles and microdipoles and their destruction are continuously going on. The formation of dipoles is generated by the interaction of hydronium ions and hydroxide ions during their recombination. As a result of recombination, a hydrogen ion combines with a hydroxyl ion and forms a water molecule. This releases two water molecules associated with these ions. Consequently, when these ions are ionized, three water molecules are formed, and the process is described by the following equation. This process is called molenization.

From this equation, it becomes clear how water and hydrogen are reproduced in the water blood flow without attracting these elements from outside the body, as is the case with oxygen attracted from the environment. Thus, in the water cluster in the process of water dissociation there are continuous processes of formation of ionic compounds of hydrogen and their destruction, with release of water and free hydrogen. In general, in the processes of metabolism taking place in the aqueous blood stream, 3.2x1022 molecules of oxygen are constantly functioning and 2.0x1021 molecules enter through the lungs to compensate for its consumption. The missing hydrogen in the amount of 2.7x1024 molecules and 1.6x1024 water molecules is produced by hydrogen ions being recombined throughout the volume of the aqueous blood flow, as well as in segments of blood vessels that meet the requirements of the resonance condition for the amplitude of the electron precessional oscillation. Therefore, in order to provide additional chemical elements (oxygen and hydrogen) to meet the needs of the virus “body” formation, it is required to intensify the molenization process by reducing the time for hydroxide ions, hydronium ions, and a quasi-dipole being formed.

It should be noted that it is not the virus that chooses the human body as a habitat, but the person himself, with a set of values of the potentials of his energy fields and a harmonic oscillator, which undergoes synchronization with the Schumann electromagnetic fields, attracts the virus for vital functioning in his body. Therefore, in order to radically influence the vital activity of the virus during its introduction into a person, it is required to create an electrical impermeability of the body, excluding the induction of ponderomotive forces by electrical induction that occurs between the wave essence of the virus and the human electromagnetic field. Or it is required to create special conditions for the development of the molenization forces and other processes necessary for the virus “body” formation from the chemical elements (oxygen and hydrogen). I would like to note that the method of oxygen therapy is extremely inefficient, as oxygen and hydrogen should be produced by intensifying chemical reactions through the human body forces. As an example, we can recommend doubling or tripling the dissociation of glucose molecules. The same to the glucose molecule, the water molecule, is destroyed when hydrogen is ionized. Moreover, bonds being destroyed (molenization), ten times more water molecules are released than during molenization of water ion-dipole formations. It must be recognized that all the processes of vital activity of biological entities occur with the direct participation of electromagnetic energy and with the control action of an electric current. Therefore, the role of the concepts of modern physics in the study of the universe and the life of the human body is paramount and, at the same time, multifaceted [2-10].



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