Volume 21 - Issue 1

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E=i mc2 - New Law of Informational Space-Time World

*Corresponding author: Rudolf Klimek, World Information University, Cracow, Poland.

Received: December 20, 2023; Published: January 08, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2024.21.002801

Mini Review

Medicine, applying into practice the theoretical principles of how to protect or restore personal and social health, now moved from the basic level of cellular nuclei towards the atomic nuclei with a thermodynamic interpretation according to the philosophy of cosmic being [1,2]. Each person belongs to the triune bio-cosmos, whose quintessence is a spontaneous, constant, and informational interchange of mass and energy among directly or indirectly visible cosmic particles. Bidirectional information rays fill all cosmic spacetime without obstacles and interact on its information patterns (fields) with matter and energy. Each cosmic part (being) consists of information, mass, and energy, whose quantum equivalence feedback E=i mc2 is raised to the power of information (=i), which belongs to its cause while already part of its effect with its environment. Information has no qualities (e.g. is not either hot, could, net or dry) and has no contrary or unnatural motion. It is weightless, transparent, frictionless, and undetectable chemically or physically, and literally permeating all matter and space. In addition to its many exciting features, it has an attribute of polymorphism and may exist in many different forms yet remain itself, i. e. retains its identity even though it may be expressed in different ways. People utilize size, shape, look (colour, smoothness, porosity), temperature, movement and time as an informational description of reality. For example, each human cell threatened with the end of its metabolism may extend its life as a neoplasm cell only with increased information, mass, and energy dissipation in its environment. This dissipation becomes a local sign of carcinogenesis, which begins with an illness threatening the existence of the whole multi-cellular organism. Therefore, man should try to prevent carcinogenesis instead of curing only cancer diseases, because many things are known to increase the risk of carcinogenesis which is an alternative of cellular or social death [3-6]. Every structure or process in the universe contains in its cause information, which in the cause-effect feedback is a desired and immediately afterwards created effect [7,8]. Unfortunately, false information is often used to agitate for harmful ideas, what starts a new type of diseases-informatonoses.

Man does not create the natural laws but can only strive to understand them better in order to use them. The essence and existence of information rays and patterns were proved by experimental documentation of sight’s nature as integrated part of reality. The same result can be seen using the mirror at which everybody is looking for every day. Mirror picture appears thanks to resonate informational field (“pattern information”) in place of observer (or its apparatus) localization, wherein the information rays coming from real object and from eyes meet together, having the identical value of their unique waves. Mirrored picture does not contain any single atom of the natural person, because it is thanks to resonate informational field (“pattern information”), which can be fixed technically (e.g. photographed). So each observable beings refer to the capability to detect not only light, but first of all the information rays coming from any object and moving in any direction not being restricted, what happens e.g. with light rays or speech sounds. The information determines the universe according to the feedback formula E=i mc2 and despite their different forms remains the highest element of reality, inseparable from cosmic mass and energy. Mass is just super concentrated form of energy, and both entities can be turned from one form to te other and back again owing to information rays and pattern field. Information emerges under appropriate conditions as potential attribute of thruth, good and beauty. The truth about the natural cause of cancer until recently was considered in isolation from the three-fold reality of mass, energy, and information. From the time of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle the universe was understood as the abstract soul and the matter-energy body of a person, who, through words, can express his psycho-emotional state. Presently information can be defined as the existence of each event in a quantum state, from its beginning to its end form, because the beginning of each event belongs to its cause, but at the same time is already part of its effect [9,10].

This is why oncology must bring back the original idea of holistic medicine, which demands increased medical procedures on the side of health and not only on the side of predominantly diseases, but e.g. cancer cells are also foreboding signals on the last human way to die and therefore man should trying to treat the carcinoge nesis instead to cure only the cancer diseases. In treating patients doctors use scalpels, lasers, radioactive radiation and even poisons as effective tools, part of which is also language (words), understandable by peoples and itself is enough when treating information diseases (informatonoses) as necessary factor in the formation of social health along with importance of caring about the environment inhabited by people. Information has a significant impact on the lives and health of people already in the unique intrauterine human development stage, later in his upbringing, education, and finally, in regard to their own existence in society. Information (from Latin informare-to form or transform) means the act of informing and the action of giving the form to the being, thus realizing its natural state and development. The word ‘being’ denotes the entirety of everything that exists in the essential or/and existential sense, which can be identificable both as the whole of the universe (cosmic spacetime) or as the quantum form of any its part. Human beings got accustomed to using predominantly material imagination, and this situation created difficulties in understanding omnipresent information which works always bi-directionally and moves with unimaginable speed and for research purposes can be separated from the waves of light composed of photons. This phenomenon is commonly used in imaging the internal state of the body by means of nuclear magnetic resonance, where the electromagnetic field leads to technically resonant only atoms of selected elements, and their behavior can detect cancer and/or the place of its potential self-organization since 1980. Similarly, the whole person resonates to an even single word, if he understands it and wants to how much he can use the information he carries. The prolongation of invisible rays of information on the principle of just resonance creates an informational image of the original object (e.g. portrait) without the participation of its atoms.

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