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Implementing Health Improvement and Treatment “Miracles” Through the “Self-Organization” of Nature and Man (A Brief Scientific Rationale for the Secrets of Lourdes)

*Corresponding author:Sidorov Evgeny Pavlovich, Deputy Director for Research and Technology, Agrostroyservis Research and Production Association, Dzerzhinsk, Russia.

Received: January 22, 2024; Published: February 01, 2024

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2024.21.002840


This article presents a brief description of the concept of health improvement and treatment of diseases of the human body by natural self-organization of the conditions in old shale mines by means of resonance of elementary particles in biological elements of viruses and humans at the quantum level of energy-mass compaction. The basis of the dipole interaction is the creation of a stochastic resonance effect between ionized ion-molecular particles of the hydrogen atom of the human body and the biological structure of the virus.

Keywords: A brief description of the treatment monograph, The conditions of shale mines, Ion-molecular hydrogen particles, The quantum level


Nature offers us numerous examples of treating viral and other human diseases by natural self-organization. This process is demonstrated by stochastic development and the impact of dynamic systems inducing hemostasis conditions of the human body by disintegrating different negative impacts on its vital function, especially viruses and bacteria. Thus, as a result of biological recombination by the forces of a stochastic electromagnetic field within the boundaries of a harmonious oscillator, nature treats the human body by “self-development”, using the resonance of the polarity of chemical bonds and effects of stochastic resonance of two resonant oscillatory circuits (the human body biome and the human body itself). An example would be the creation of homeostasis conditions in unaffected natural formations, such as ones in old shale ore mines.

There are two sources of natural self-organization of treatment, the abilities of which in terms of positive effects on the body are caused by the creation of an electret state of hydrogen ions. These are: the Lourdes spring (the city of Lourdes in France), in the water of which the hydrogen index is 800.0ppm, 0.8mg/l, and the Nordenfuer mine in the village of Nordenau in Germany, where the hydrogen index in water is 420.0ppm, 0.42mg/l. One should realize that the hydrogen index of ordinary tap water is only 0.018ppm. The hydrogen index is not an indicator of the presence of molecular hydrogen in a water volume, but the ratio of Н+ and ОН- ions in water, which are formed during the water dissociation. Therefore, the expression “hydrogen water” is not legitimate enough; this is ion-hydrogen water in an electret energy state. According to calculations made by scientists at the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, USA, hydrogen molecules are extremely unstable and, due to their inertness in terms of electromagnetic field generation and dynamics of structural states, are unable to influence homeostasis in the human body. This predetermines confidence in the fact that so-called hydrogen water poured in any containers does not have effective healing properties. However, in contrast to the hydrogen molecule, ion-hydrogen nano-formations in the state of recombination by the stochastic electromagnetic field are designed by nature to perform the role of a technological mechanism in activating metabolism and, accordingly, treating the human body through the disintegration of viruses. This can be illustrated by the research of G.A. Garbuzov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, which he described in the book "Hydrogen Ions Cure Cancer." However, in his work he was unable to discover the cause of the influence on the generation of a full-scale metabolic process and a metabolism of vital organs as a result of the recovery and recombination of hydrogen ions.

In 1973, the results of studies on the intravital existence of the electrostatic field in humans were published. The revealed effect was called a “biological electret effect.” Scientists ET Kulin and IO Kulak (Hayward, USA) developed a scientific concept of the Ionic Theory of the Electret State of Water, which provides an evidence base for the molecular mechanism of electret field generation, through which protein molecules carry out vital functioning processes in a state of water ion-molecular hydrate clusters. During the “normal” vital functioning of the human body, there is an orderly movement of ion-molecular dipoles in the magnetic stochastic field of the surrounding space, with water molecules dissociation corresponding to the recombination of hydrogen ions during the normal metabolic process. However, when values of the electret state of the healthy body are altered, the influence of an external stochastic electromagnetic field, artificially created by man or nature, is necessary to normalize the electret field of the human body. And this process is generated by forces introduced into the blood from additionally artificially ionized ion-molecular clusters-hydrates in the electret, highly charged state of dipoles. During this period of time (photon radiation-absorption relaxation time), the energy of the new environment of nano-elements in the blood water flow structure is distributed, introduced by electrets. This energy generates the renewal of blood and its return back to the original state of quality or, in the general case, homeostasis and treatment of diseases.

At the same time, it should be noted that correcting the electret charge of the energy condition of the human body to the original one does not produce a desired effect when “hazardous” dislocations are created due to the infiltration of pathogenic viruses or bacteria. That is why nature, by means of “self-organization”, creates additional conditions for the disintegration of viruses using a method of stochastic resonance. For this purpose, the state of air medium within the cave and the chemical structure of water in the spring are subjected to stochastic electromagnetic field generated by the aggregate electrical force from different sources. It includes the shift of dislocations in the field of high mechanical stress; the emission of electrons as well as the oscillating movements of electrically charged "banks" of cracks, etc. At the same time, biological recuperation and recombination of molecules and ions of air and spring water occurs, with the release of ion-molecular complexes. These formations are dipoles in electret state and, unrestricted in time, generate an electric field. In the cave, patients accumulate nano dipoles in the organism nasally, bringing high quantum of electric energy directly to the water molecules of the virus. Under electric charges, the neutral water molecules of the virus become polar, and bonds are broken as a result of critical polarization. The virus dies.

Resonance of oscillations of electromagnetic energies of wave particles of vacuum and elementary particles at the quantum level is the way by which nature, by means of “self-organization”, keeps interaction of electromagnetic fields of the surrounding space with the original elements of biological objects. Due to the fact that the surrounding energy fields have a dissipation and non-linearity effect and are also subjected to constant oscillatory processes of changing the structure and exponent of mathematical values of fields, nature, in order to generate conditions of resonance, induces a stochastic resonance. Stochastic resonance effects ensure one of the basic mechanisms of activating regulation processes of transforming free energy of the human body’s homeostasis at the quantum level of elementary particles, atoms and molecules and of renewal and its further development. Any molecule is a dynamic system, in which continuous oscillations of constituent microparticles occur. The integrity of the molecule microstructure is ensured by the energy of the harmonic oscillator, the oscillating magnitude of which changes in time in accordance with the sine or cosine law. According to the energy and momentum conservation principle, when the resonance of two resonant oscillatory circuits occurs, the energy of one of the oscillatory circuits (let us imagine interaction between a virus and a human body) is momentarily transferred to the other one, with a more elastic modulus, and the latter loses its structural integrity and breaks up into quantum units by the force of precession of the renewed circuit according to the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance. This process can be strengthened by a stochastic magnetic field influencing the operators. Interaction between the electric field and the substance structure results in an energy-level splitting of the nucleus.

Viruses are not living creatures, they are quantum entities. The de Broglie wavelength of the virus is determined by the formula:

It follows from de Broglie's wave theory that, if the de Broglie length for a given particle is greater than its size, then, as a physical object, it simultaneously possesses both corpuscular and wave properties. That is why the virus falls into the category of quantum particles. The virus enters the human body in the state of a quantum bunch of elementary and vacuum particles, or, more precisely, in the state of an electron-positron pair of these particles with a certain density of elementary particles and vacuum particles. This density is assigned by the “self-organization” of generating values of the criterion of the energetic combination of operators into a viral quantum entity. At the same time, this allows it to be in the state of a wave. This state allows it, as a dipole in the electric field, to form inductive couplings with the electromagnetic field of the human body and stimulate the precession force that generates a ponderomotive force with a direction in the electromagnetic field of the human, into the human body. The integrity of the energy-mass of this formation is determined by the magnitude of its electric charge, and the rupture of this integrity generates a disorder in the life of this energy-mass, that is, putting a stop to the formation of an electret state, characterized by the death and birth of a cation-anion pair in the ionic quasi-dipole.

The destruction of the virus by methods of affecting the energy-mass at the level of macrocosm compaction, for example, by means of resonance of the polarity of chemical bonds is, in the end, implemented by resonance of elementary particles at the quantum level of compaction of the virus structure.

A “bad” reaction of the human body to the virus or “dislocation” can be mathematically explained by the presence of an energy “subtracted” from the human body. This energy is equal to one third of the phase of the exponential growth and development of the virus. The virus is a resonant circuit that develops exponentially as a functional dependence:

where  is the “harmful” frequency that adapts to another, “useful” frequency  in the body, constantly changing as a result of the influence of the surrounding stochastic electromagnetic field and, correspondingly, changing the resonant circuit. However, it should be understood that the adaptation of the virus to the symbiosis with the human body is implemented through the growth of the elasticity of the harmonic oscillator of the human body, and this elasticity will change the resonant frequency from harmful influence to useful one. The bifurcations of the biological system operators (the virus and human body) are only possible if stochastic oscillations are excited, having a certain ratio between the amplitude and frequency of the harmonic influence and the elasticity index of the harmonic oscillator of the human body and the virus.

The formed particle-wave essence of the virus with dimensions of 5*10-5cm is a solution to the Klein-Gordon equation with total energy E=mc2. Moreover, there is a small term of the Klein-Gordon equation in the value of the total energy of the virus.

E=mc2/[(1-V2έ/c2)1/2έ] =m/c2+mV2/2+

This non-compensated small term in the virus energy equation is compensated by a weak electromagnetic field. This weak electromagnetic field has an external origin of the dipole state, with the electric charge that changes in time. This weak electromagnetic field is the Schumann field that forms a change in the state of biological entities from elementary particles and induces its transformation to the original quality (that is, treatment).

An interesting point is given in the analysis of the COVID-19 morbidity in different industrially developed countries, depending on the generated and consumed electrical energy. For example, the infection rate is estimated as follows: 18.8 million people per GWh of electricity consumption in the USA, 16.36 million people per GWh in Russia, 27.56 million people in India, 40.6 million people in Germany, and 51.72 million people in France. It is quite likely that the generation of the Schumann electromagnetic field depends on the concentration of the sources of generation and consumption of electricity. Therefore, in some global areas that lack the electrical energy, which is required to form the “skeleton” of the virus from electromagnetic waves by exposure to magnetic induction in the Schumann electromagnetic field, a mass pandemic is substituted with single or accidental viral infections.

Mathematical calculations show that viruses occupy a certain volume that is obtained at a zero potential of the solution of the Klein-Gordon equation. This means that one mole contains viruses in a concentration equal to one million pieces, and the atmospheric volume occupied by all viruses corresponds to the volume fractal occupied by all elementary particles per mole. This suggests that during a pandemic, the space occupied by the entire atmosphere of the Schumann electromagnetic fields is saturated with vitally functional viruses to the same extent as they are saturated with molecules of chemical elements of the air. At the same time, the physical properties of the virus allow us to assert that during the saturation of the atmosphere with viruses, the micro-object, in the same way as the elements of the air, is located both inside a living cell and at a distance from it, where the distance is set by the energy structure of the system. It proves that it is possible for a virus to move into the cell body through the teleportation of its phantom in the structural form of an ion-molecular dipole. Given the constant saturation of a unit volume of the environment containing almost a million viruses, it is unreasonable to assume that the human body is mainly infected with a virus through its transmission from person to person.

With the special solution of the Klein-Gordon equation, the complex effect that free electrons exert on viruses is theoretically substantiated. The dimensions of such electrons are quantum and equal to 3.85x10-11cm and they act by colliding with the wave structure of the virus. When an electron and a virus collide, a denser and much smaller particle, that is the electron, cuts the virus, forming a hole in it. The lifetime of the virus is 10-16seconds. During this time, it confronts 34.6 collisions that can cause the virus to disappear. And this process occurs with a certain fractal filling of the shared space of viruses and electrons. The electromagnetic density of the virus decreases to a critical one, and after that the virus disappears as a wave-particle formation. It is quite evident that nature creates and maintains a pandemic by filling the Schumann electromagnetic field with fractals of viruses and electrons, and also by creating a certain electromagnetic field. Viruses are disintegrated in the same way, through the self-organization of Nature in shale mines. Physicist Schwinger determined a boundary of operating with the fractal “birth” of electron-positron pairs in the limit of 1.32х1018 volts per meter. Most likely, this value of the Schumann electric field index is the operator of the pandemic.

It is quite evident that the treatment consists in changing the resonant frequency by increasing the elastic properties of the harmonious oscillator of the human body or increasing the frequency of vibrations of the quantum structure of the virus to a critical value. This reduces the dynamic viscosity to zero with possible destruction of elementary particles into free vacuum particles. This effect can be achieved by the resonance of the operators of the resonant oscillatory circuit. This is what Nature achieves by "self-organization" in the tunnels of Lourdes and Nordenau while bringing the human body to its original state of health.

These days, people consider the “self-organization” of nature in treating and destroying the harmful human biome as a miracle and attribute a mystical component to this action. But one has to recognize that our Universe has been and is being built according to certain mathematical laws of Nature.

At the same time, the scientific study of man should take into account that all the processes of vital functioning of biological entities occur with the direct participation of electromagnetic energy and with the regulating action of an electric current. Therefore, the role of the concepts of modern physics in the study of the universe and the vital functioning of the human body is paramount and, at the same time, multifaceted [1-6].



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