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Past, Present and Future of Earth and Thus Us: Part-1

*Corresponding author: Anil Kumar Soni, Department of Chemistry, Shia Post Graduate College, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Received: December 23, 2023; Published: January 08, 2023

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2024.21.002804

Present condition of earth is due to foolish activities of human being: (i) In order to get luxurious life style we were, are and also have willing to develop various machines viz, A.C, vehicles, air-vehicles to make environment around us just opposite of the real environment condition on the earth. But their unlimited uses in other word missuses make this earth traumatized. (ii) In order to get power for threatening our neighbouring countries, we were, are and have willing to develop various deadly weapons i.e. missiles and bombs (atomic, hydrogen, etc.). And we are not stop here but trying to become God Father of the various developed and developing countries on the earth, (iii) In order to get land, more and more land, we were, are and have willing to cut off trees and trying to do deforestation and thus traumatizing the lungs of the earth too. And de-ocean-nation of ocean (killing of marine organisms: animal and plants for taste, for wonder and for research to become immor tal). All these games are only for money, power and fame. What was the earth? And now what is the earth? All this is due to powerful countries. This is true. And true is always true never hidden by any type of clarification, explanation, elucidation, interpretation and clearing up. Every person of the earth knows that CO2 is the food of all the plants and O2 is the by-product but over cutting of plants are still not stopping. Forestation rate is too much less than expectation that is deforestation rate is dominant over forestation. Over cutting of forest is responsible for disturbing ecosystem of land, ecosystem of water and ecosystem of air and this make to come tsunami, desert of land and disturbed O2-CO2 cycle (over production of CO2, less consumption of CO2 and less production of O2). If we do not return her healthy conditions to the earth, she will kill us to save herself by heavy rain, by heating herself, by cooling herself, by making desert herself, by creating tsunami, by lacking O2, etc. (Figure 1).

Biomedical Science &, Research

Figure 1:

In 21st century the gravity of approach of chemical science together with computer science has shifted from how to make a material (chemical entity) to what material (chemical entity) to make, in other words material design. And now these are also quantized. As we know that chemistry, physics and biology have also been explored at atomic levels and finally mathematical data were, are and will be used to grow required software for aimed simulations (Kohn and People awarded Noble Prize in chemistry in 1998) that will help to design a required material and also help to explore its physicochemical, biochemical, electrochemical, thermochemical, magnetic, spectrochemical, catalytic, photoactive, and materialistic details. Once the required material bearing one or more of the above properties was designed then step-by-step modification in this lead (material) can help to fine tune its properties. Further, this lead can act as a new material that can complexed with other compound or material to obtain a hybrid-material (hybrid-compound) of diverse applications or help to boost the quality or minimize the harmfulness of the material. Further, mechanistic and synthesis details can also be extracted by using minimum time and minimum efforts to achieve the goals. Day-to-day developments in theoretical and computational works make it possible to have a deeper insight in the sub-atomic nature of atoms, ions, molecules, etc. And this will help to developed wonder materials for wonder works: (i) In future such solar cell will be developed that will be sensitive to a single photon. In cloudy as well as in rainy days these solar cells will be as active as in normal sun rise i.e. minimum intensity of radiation will also be received by the receptor material developed or designed by material design process. The newly designed receptor material can further be modified in such a form that it can easily converts solar energy into chemical energy, chemical energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into thermal energy. After that step-by- step modification can devise such that solar energy can directly be transferred into electrical energy or thermal energy or into laser (laser-based weapons, too). This will help to remove crisis of electricity of diverse uses (vehicle, air-vehicle, water-vehicle, and submarine vehicle, too) as well as can use in high temperature process (<5000°C) with eco-friendly way. (ii) In future chemical science will help to discover such nano-robotic-medicines having pre-decided target to cure or kill the target cell(s) without harming healthy cell(s). These target cell(s) may be stationary or floating. Nano- robotic-medicines injected intravenously remain in our circulatory system in inert form and stimulated for their action when attack of any foreign particles (poisonous chemicals, antigens or microbes). Chemical science help in transplantation of various organs that will be cultured or cloned from the healthy cells of patients own respective body parts. (iii) Nano-sensors will be devised for sensing solids, liquids and gases of diverse applications ranging ppm to a single atom, molecule, or nano-sized crystal. (iv) Chemical science help to developed or designed alloys that have wonder properties for developing various external and interior parts of different kind of weapons used in air, water or land but cannot be detected by any detector, radar, sonar or any other device by spy or enemy army. (v) Presently, a chemist is a diver and “chemistry and its application are the ocean, where the chemist is swimming and trying to go as deep as it can go to search wonder and wonder.


The paper is dedicated to our teacher; mentor, guru father and eminent chemist – respected Prof. P.P. Singh (DSc., F.N.A.Sc.) also known as Doctor Sahab, Ex. Principal Maharani Lal Kunwari Post Graduate College, Tulsipur Road, Balrampur-271201 (U.P.), India. Authors are very thankful to Principal and Head of Department of Shia Post Graduate College, Sitapur Road, Lucknow-2260201(U.P.) for laboratory facilities.

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