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Increasing Rape Cases in Pakistan Call for Effective Remedial Efforts in the Society

*Corresponding author: Rana Muhammad Mateen, Department of Life Sciences, School of Science, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan.

Received: July 25, 2019; Published: August 22, 2019

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2019.04.000837


Every country in the world is suffering from rape against women and children. In Pakistan number of rape cases are increasing regardless of several efforts at government and non government level. Culture and norms in the society are such that rape incidences are not reported due to expected dishonor in the society. Solid efforts are required at the government level for awareness of the women rights in the society to overcome this stigma. Proper implementations of the women and children protection laws, media campaigns, changes in the curriculum and healthy discussion can help produce fruitful results.

Keywords: Rape cases; Pakistani society; Remedial Efforts; Cultural norms; Crime science

Main Text

Rape is considered as a global problem and according to World Health Organization (WHO), every one in three women suffer from physical or sexual violence at some stage in their life. Regionally South-East-Asia region is considered more prone to it as estimates show that 37.7 percent of these incidences take place in this region [1]. Pakistan is facing increased incidences of rape cases and this is creating a sense of insecurity among women. Punjab province, being the major province of Pakistan by population, has recorded more cases of rape than any other province. Regardless of several government and non-government efforts, such as Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act (PPWVA), the number of rape cases has increased from 1324 to 1512 in Punjab province in the first five months of this year as compared to 2018 [2-3]. The above mentioned number of cases does not truly reflect the actual number of incidences because most of these cases are either not reported or negotiated at family level. There are many causes for these increased incidences.

a. Family structure and norms in most of the ethnic groups in Pakistan are established in such a way that after being raped, the individual or his/her family members try to hide the incidence out of expected dishonor in the society.

b. Unawareness of after-effects of rape on the part of community is leading to increased number of these cases.

c. Sex education is often avoided or not being considered necessary, especially for minors, which has also lead to increased sexual abuse incidences.

d. Most of the female individuals and families as a whole are unaware of the legal procedures to follow after being victim of the rape.

e. Many cases in the rural areas are not being registered which is the main cause of increase in number of serial rapist.

Effect of these causes is also very severe on child abuses as well. Zainab murder case is an explicit example for rape driving causes. The serial rapist suspect was not caught till he raped 8th minor girl. Due to his religious activities and being in neighbourhood of the victims, he was considered a noble person in the society. Because of unawareness of legal proceedings and out of expected dishonor in the society, the registering of the cases was delayed. The suspect remained at large and continued sexually assaulting and murdering minors. Proper processing of the crime scene, intelligent collection of the evidence and appropriate analysis lead to apprehension of the criminal [4-5].

Special actions need to be taken for effectively lessening these incidences in society. Media campaigns for awareness regarding women rights and sex education is needed as it is considered against the norms of the society to discuss about sexual related issues: whether good or bad. It is suggested that a topic about gender studies may be included in the school level education. Parents need to talk about gender related issues with their children because preventing children from their curious questions may create frustrations in them. In the end, solid implementation of the laws made for protection of violence against women and children, is required for putting off this stigma in the society.


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