Volume 5 - Issue 2

Mini Review Biomedical Science and Research Biomedical Science and Research CC by Creative Commons, CC-BY

Is Human Nature Today Different Than Before?

*Corresponding author:Otto E Rossler, Faculty of Science, University of Tuebingen, Germany

Received:September 06, 2019; Published: September 17, 2019

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2019.05.000900


The question comes unexpected. Nevertheless, it has a rationale to it: the existence of a historical anomaly. There exists a published scientific result which is doubted by no one in the scientific literature for the 11 years that it exists -- but no one pays any attention to it even though refraining from doing so goes against human nature as it has existed in the past

Keywords: Inflation; Accelerated expansion; Manifest creation; Nonsensical; Astronomical; Baryonic dark matter; Neutron stars; Cosmology; Thermodynamics; Interstellar space


September 4, 2019

The reader who has read this text up to this point automatically assumes that something must be awfully wrong with the (soon to be named) result in question. And indeed, there is something very unusual about that result: It openly contradicts the currently accepted cosmology with its four dramatic features of “Big Bang” (cosmic expansion), “inflation,” “accelerated expansion” and “manifest creation.” But it does so in a non-frivolous manner with all the necessary excuses that are customary in science. So, may be the result is obviously nonsensical? The opposite holds true: It confirms a result that is extant in the scientific literature for 90 years. The latter was first proposed (if not yet fully proved) by Fritz Zwicky, a maverick scientist famous for his many astronomical findings including baryonic dark matter and neutron stars [1] .

But this fact does not explain why the new-old result is being totally shunned. There exists a major fundamental science for a few years by now which directly implies this result, and which in addition has the big advantage to it that it is worth many billions of dollars if taken seriously, a fact which goes unchallenged. This fundamental science bears the name Cryodynamics and is the belated sister discipline to good old deterministic Thermodynamics. It for the first time enables interactively controllable fusion reactors to be built and for this reason can solve humankind’s energy problem decades earlier than is conventionally thought. So why should anyone be opposed to a giant economic progress? This no one is, of course. Only the connection between the lucrative side of Cryodynamics and its cosmological implications is not being drawn. And indeed, several years have already passed without its economic implications having been jumped upon by the energy industry anywhere on the planet [2] .

Now Briefly the Decisive Facts

Zwicky in 1929 published his famous maverick paper “On the red shift of spectral lines through interstellar space.” The -- up to this day reigning -- Big Bang model was conceived at about the same time to become popular only decades later. So, there must be one unpalatable element in Zwicky’s theory? On the contrary: it was and is maximally parsimonious: It does without any additional hypothesis in contrast to the Big Bang model which has accrued dozens of secondary hypotheses over the years. Several of them got honored with Nobel medals. And one -- the theory of gravitational waves (disowned by its inventor Albert Einstein) -- actually gave rise to experiments that were billions of dollars’ worth in being built-up and that subsequently brought famous -- if controversial -- results that still go unquestioned by the scientific community at large even though being ruled out by Zwicky taken seriously

So, the current situation is clear-cut: We have a scientific anomaly. Max Planck, who first saw that such developments will unavoidably occur in science from time to time, spoke of a mean duration of three decades in such a case. So, in this sense, there is nothing unusual about the Zwicky-versus-humankind anomaly -- if the time of the first modern confirmation is chosen as the starting date. But something is different this time around, apart from the time span: The energy bonus which is attached to a fast resolution of the Zwicky anomaly. One therefore can risk a bet to date: How long will the collective urge for silence be stronger than the collective appetite for the economic bonanza offered? This question motivates the still broader question posed in the title. Previously, the issue would have been widely debated: after all, there are giant financial interests involved. This time around, however, there is a “conspiracy of silence” that is totally anomalous -- all historical evidence shows that so much of a painful collective self-sacrifice has never been observed involving thousands and millions of scientists and high school teachers and publishers around the world. The biggest anomaly ever


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