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New Psychological Weapons Make Targets Hallucinate

*Corresponding author:Robert Skopec, Biologist Researcher, Dubnik, Slovakia

Received: March 15, 2019 Published: March 28, 2019

DOI: 10.34297/AJBSR.2019.02.000574


The Russian Navy has outfitted two warships with a weapon that it says makes enemies hallucinate and become disoriented. That’s according to a fearsome description of the weapon in RIA Novosti, a state-run media outlet in Russia - and it could be a terrifying peek at the future of warfare. Russia-owned Ruselectronics developed the weapon, called the Filin. It works, according to the company, by firing off “low-frequency oscillations” of powerful light that disorient foes and disrupt night vision devices and rangefinders. Volunteers who fired at targets while being blasted by the Russian weapon said they felt dizzy and nauseous, and 20 percent reported “hallucinogenic” effects. One complained that a “spot of light floats before my eyes,” according to RIA Novosti. The Hill even reported that the Filin could make adversaries vomit.

Keywords: Russian navy; New weapon; Makes enemies hallucinate; Disoriented; Ria novosti; Ruselectronics; The filin; Low-frequency oscillations; Powerful light; Disrupt night vision devices; Volunteers; Felt dizzy and nauseous; Hallucinogenic Effects


This new Russian weapon may have limitations, and state-run media isn’t always a reliable source of information about military technology and on RIA Novosti, one commenter made light of the announcement by pointing out that light-based weapons might be easy to counteract. “It seems to me alone that sunglasses wipe out the power of this new super-weapon?” the commenter wrote.

Materials and Methods

Russia says its new weapon makes targets want to vomit

a. Russia is deploying a new weapon aboard its warships, Russian state media reported.

b. The weapon emits an oscillating beam of high-intensity light designed to

c. In testing, it reportedly affected participants’ ability to aim effectively. Others felt sick, and some experienced hallucinations.

d. The weapon reportedly has a range of up to 5 kilometres, although the only information about it comes from state media and state contractors, making it unclear whether it works as the Russians claim.

The Russian navy is apparently outfitting its warships with a new naval weapon designed to blind and confuse enemies and, sometimes, make them want to hurl, Russian media said.

Filin 5P-42, a non-lethal visual-optical inference device, has been deployed aboard Russian navy frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatonov, state-run RIA Novosti reported, citing a press statement from Ruselectronics, the company that built the device.

Each frigate, both part of Russia’s Northern Sea Fleet, has been outfitted with two Filin stations. Two additional frigates currently under construction are expected to also carry the blinding weapon.

The new device is a dazzler-type weapon that works like a strobe light, emitting an oscillating beam of high-intensity light that negatively affects an enemy’s ability to aim at night. Russia claims that the new naval weapon is capable of “effectively suppressing” sensors and night-vision technology, as well as range finders for anti-tank missiles, Russian media said.

The dazzling weapon was tested against volunteers firing assault weapons, sniper rifles, and machine guns at targets protected by Filin from two kilometers away. All of the participants experienced difficulties aiming, and 45% had complaints of dizziness, nausea, and disorientation. Twenty percent of volunteers experienced what Russian media has characterized as hallucinations. Participants described seeing floating balls of light.

The concept behind “dazzling” weapons has been around for decades in one form or another. Blinding weapons, particularly lasers, that because permanent blindness is prohibited by the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons. As Russia’s weapon reportedly only causes temporary blindness, there would be no legislative restrictions on its use, not that legal issues may be of any real concern.

US-Russian relations sank to a new low, when the Trump administration announced US withdrawal from the Intermediaterange Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, a Cold War-era nuclear arms pact, citing Russian violations of the agreement.

Psychological Weapons against citizens of EU and NATO countries

We are living in Slovakia, and interestingly, we have also such an experience with probably new types of Psychological Weapons. It can be valid as minimum in my home district Nové Zámky, and my home place village Dubník. More than about 3 years we can observe during night (from 1900 to 0500 hours) in the sky a new object very similar to the International Space Station (ISS). I have named this suspected flying object as “Five Clouds Object” (FCO), which is not only monitoring our region, but can be suspected from several attacks for using the Microwave and Sonic Beam’s Weapons against oppositional politics and critical intellectuals living in our region. There is probably a difference that while ISS has been constructed with rectangle geometry, above big new space object of Psychological Warfare FCO was constructed with square geometry. Another difference is that at the 4 corners of the FCO are visible 4 relatively big clouds, and the fifth, biggest cloud is in the centre place of above Five Clouds Object. We have a growing number of data which are showing, that this FCO can be a Psychological Weapon of the “underworld” with help of some Foreign Power geographically situated relatively close to Slovakia. Our question is if the responsible official organs of Slovakia has some relevant knowledge about this so called Five Clouds Object or drone?

New rain-inducing techniques developed by Russian hitech firms

Russia’s government-back tech corporation Rostec said in 2017 that it has developed a new technique of inducing rain and planned to begin mass production of a corresponding device in the fourth quarter of 2017.

The technique is based on the use of silver-iodide-containing substance. A cartridge charged with this substance is fired over a cloud from plane. A rain front forms within a span of 30 minutes, Rostec informed in a press release. According to the corporation, the technique was successfully tested in late July 2017 to “induce precipitation in areas swept by forest fires. Rostec collaborator under this project is Research Institute of Applied Chemistry. Now, Rostec’s companies turn out several types of such products, namely Alazan anti-hail rockets, PV-26 rain inducing cartridges and Nuris anti-avalanche systems.

One cloud may have up to several dozen tones of water, but rain not always falls where it is needed. Today they have learnt to control this process. In terms of practical application, this technique can be used to extinguish fires – and this is only one of the spheres where this development can be utilized. They plan to expand cooperation with Russia’s Federal Aerial Forest Protection Service (Avialesoochrana) and the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Rosgidromet). Rain-inducing techniques can be also used by farming companies to irrigate drylands, said Artyom Muranov, marketing director at the Research Institute of Applied Chemistry. One of the suspected companies in Slovakia is AT Dunaj Dubník, which one may have reportedly also contacts to Military Intelligence to use above Russian techniques to influence the local Weather in our district of Nové Zámky, Slovakia.

Psychological and Sonic Weapons can cause carcinogenesis

From the official U.S. State Department data is known that already in the year 1978 from the 22 American diplomats working in Moscow had got 18 (!) health problems with their carcinogenesis. This situation has been only worsened further during later decades’ development at the field of sonic weapons. Today there are a lot of possibilities for example to use sonic weapons from the space satellites, like is category of Russian ERA-GLONASS satellites, (they can blockade completely the whole electronic system of the terrestrial cars), etc.

I was working at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic to Russia in Moscow during the years 2002-2006 as the First Secretary and have also some similar problems with Sonic Attacks. In December 2017 I have sent my request to the Miroslav Lajčák’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MoFA SR) in Bratislava to make investigation of my case of sonic health problems. The official Human Resources’ General Secretary of the MoFA SR Pavol Sýkorčin have sent me several months ago a letter rejecting my request for as minimum financial rehabilitation from suffered damage during my above diplomatic mission in abroad. It can be also understood as a shameful case of Moral Incompetence. Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák and General Secretary Pavol Sýkorčin must take responsibility for this long-lasting Moral Incompetence and Qualificational Default at their MoFA of Slovakia.

I hope that the investigation of the Havana-Case in U. S. State Department will prove my experiences. Especially, the AMA’s (The America Medical Association) journal JAMA is by my opinion not the best solution for a new types of Sonic Weapons mechanisms investigation. I am also publishing articles in U. S. scientific journals at the field of Biology during several years and I am convinced that the JAMA is too conservative, old-fashioned, out-dated scientific journal. They have only very limited information about new weapon technologies used recently by military and security forces of the modern states. From this reason I am rejecting the JAMA’s conclusions in Havana-Case investigation as not qualified!

We have asked the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations to introduce a new initiative on illegalization of the Sonic Weapons (Bio-acoustic deterrents) with formulation of a new International Treaty on Prohibition of the use of the Sonic Weapons. They must be prohibited because are causing Carcinogenesis and Death of Humans. We here in my home in Dubnik h. n. 317-318, Slovakia have a new tragic case when one of the neighbor living next-door Tomas Pinke and his son Sebastian reportedly were misused the Bio-acoustic deterrents against Mária Deáková (66) who had in 3 weeks got a carcinogenesis of liver and from this reason has at July 17, 2018 died!

The Traditional Medicine has not enough information and means to heal these new types of health disorders caused by Sonic Weapons. We also propose to update the International Diseases’ Register of the WHO with new Diagnosis of Carcinogenesis caused by Sonic Weapons.

Today there is ongoing a Secret Sonic Weapons War between big powers, and smaller countries too, first at the level of their Military Intelligence, which is one of the leading causes of the World Cancer Epidemic! The problem is that the victims of these secret operations don’t know about the dangers of carcinogenesis caused by above Secret Sonic Weapons.

For this reason, I am convinced, that the topic of sonic weapons caused carcinogenesis is also relevant for bigger interest from the circles of the United Nations and the World Health Organization and other similar international organizations.

The secret use of Sonic Weapons leading to the Carcinogenesis may become a new diagnosis of Diplomatic Disease in abroad, and means used against Oppositional Politicians, Critical Intellectuals, etc. Moreover, Sonic Weapons can be used also for the influencing of the Foreign Policy of States at the international stage. For example, the health problems of the President of the European Commission Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker during the last NATO Summit in Brussels, in July 11.-12., 2018, were probably caused by Sonic Weapons (the body imbalance, etc.). It was maybe done for clear Political Goals of the Disintegration of NATO…

Similar case to the Case of Mr. J-C Juncker was happened recently to former reporter of Radio Slovensko, Bratislava: Branislav Dobšinský and was probably caused by Sonic Weapons too. I am convinced now that the use of Sonic Weapons will bring a fundamental change in Diplomacy and in the means of International Policy making.

How the President of USA might turn an all-seeing spy apparatus

On a heavily protected military base some 15 miles south of Washington, D.C., sits the massive headquarters of a spy agency few know exists. Even Barack Obama, five months into his presidency, seemed not to have recognized its name. While shaking hands at a Five Guys hamburger restaurant in Washington in May 2009, he asked a customer seated at a table about his job. “What do you [do]?” the president inquired. “I work at NGA, National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency,” the man answered. Obama appeared dumbfounded. “So, explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial…” he said, unable to finish the name. Eight years after that videotape aired, the NGA remains by far the most shadowy member of the Big Five spy agencies, which include the CIA and the National Security Agency.

Despite its lack of name recognition, the NGA’s headquarters is the third-largest building in the Washington metropolitan area, bigger than the CIA headquarters and the U.S. Capitol.

Completed in 2011 at a cost of $1.4 billion, the main building measures four football fields long and covers as much ground as two aircraft carriers. In 2016, the agency purchased 99 acres in St. Louis to construct additional buildings at a cost of $1.75 billion to accommodate the growing workforce, with 3,000 employees already in the city

The NGA is to pictures what the NSA is to voices. Its principal function is to analyse the billions of images and miles of video captured by drones in the Middle East and spy satellites circling the globe. But because it has largely kept its ultra-high-resolution cameras pointed away from the United States, according to a variety of studies, the agency has never been involved in domestic spy scandals like its two far more famous siblings, the CIA and the NSA. However, there’s reason to believe that this will change under President Donald Trump.

Throughout the long election campaign and into his first months as president, Trump has pushed hard for weakening restraints on the intelligence agencies, spending more money for defence, and getting tough on law and order. Given the new president’s overwhelming focus on domestic security, it’s reasonable to expect that Trump will use every tool available to maintain it, including overhead vigilance.

In March 2016, the Pentagon released the results of an investigation initiated by the Department of Defence’s Office of Inspector General to examine military spy drones in the United States. The report marked “For Official Use Only” and partially redacted, revealed that the Pentagon used unarmed surveillance drones over American soil on fewer than 20 occasions between 2006 and 2015. (Although the report doesn’t identify the nature of the missions, another Pentagon document lists 11 domestic drone operations that principally involved natural disasters, search and rescue, and National Guard training.)

The investigation also quoted from an Air Force law review article pointing out the growing concern that technology designed to spy on enemies abroad may soon be turned around to spy on citizens at home. “As the nation winds down these wars… assets become available to support other combatant command (COCOM) or U.S. agencies, the appetite to use them in the domestic environment to collect airborne imagery continues to grow.”

Although the report stated that all missions were conducted within full compliance of the law, it pointedly noted that as of 2015 there were no standardized federal statutes that “specifically address the employment of the capability provided by a DoD UAS (unmanned aircraft system) if requested by domestic civil authorities.” Instead, there is a Pentagon policy governing reconnaissance drones that requires the secretary of defence to approve all such domestic operations. Under these regulations, drones “may not conduct surveillance on U.S. persons” unless permitted by law and approved by the secretary. The policy also bans armed drones over the United States for anything other than military training and weapons testing.

In 2016, unbeknownst to many city officials, police in Baltimore began conducting persistent aerial surveillance using a system developed for military use in Iraq. Few civilians have any idea how advanced these military eye-in-the-sky drones have become. Few civilians have any idea how advanced these military eye-in-the-sky drones have become.

Among them is ARGUS-IS, the world’s highest-resolution camera with 1.8 billion pixels. Invisible from the ground at nearly four miles in the air, it uses a technology known as “persistent stare” — the equivalent of 100 Predator drones peering down at a medium-size city at once — to track everything that moves.

With the capability to watch an area of 10 or even 15 square miles at a time, it would take just two drones hovering over Manhattan to continuously observe and follow all outdoor human activity, night and day. It can zoom in on an object as small as a stick of butter on a plate and store up to 1 million terabytes of data a day. That capacity would allow analysts to look back in time over days, weeks, or months. Technology is in the works to enable drones to remain aloft for years at a time.

The Department of Homeland Security has been at these crossroads before. In 2007, during the presidency of George W. Bush, the department established an agency to direct domestic spy satellite stakeouts and gave it a bland name: The National Applications Office. But Congress, concerned about a “Big Brother in the Sky,” cut off funding. In 2009, it was killed by the Obama administration.

Still, unlike domestic electronic surveillance by the NSA, which has been closely scrutinized and subjected to legislation designed to protect civil liberties, domestic overhead spying has escaped the attention of both Congress and the public. The Trump administration may take advantage of that void.

Initiating a new age of “persistent surveillance,” Trump could use the spy world’s overhead assets to target Muslims or members of Black Lives Matter. The president has spoken in favour of increasing the scrutiny of mosques; aerial assessment would allow him to track worshippers. Drones could aid in the mass roundup of illegal immigrants intended for deportation, and Trump has said he may send federal forces to Chicago to quell the violence. Drones could offer the city the unblinking eye for 24/7 vigilance. Of course, all that would require a significant expansion of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to analyse the domestic imagery. Before that can happen, Trump, like Obama, must discover there is such an agency [1].

The Multibillion Dollar US Spy Agency You’ve Never Heard of The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s: Capability is wellequipped to quell the violence of protesters, assist ICE in their deportation corralling, and track all those who belong to minority groups – Muslims, Black Lives Matter.

If you haven’t heard of the NGA, you can be forgiven. The NGA – the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employs over 15,000 people in its shadows. The NGA is the cutting-edge spy agency that oversees the surveillance trade.

Forget the CIA and NSA. This newish acronymic organization – taking its new existence (started as the National Photographic Interpretation Centre in WWII) in 2003 – is massive. Billions are granted for budget and in 2011, its main building measured “four football fields long and covers as much ground as two aircraft carriers,” costing $1.4 billion to complete.

James Bamford [1] reported for Foreign Policy how even President Obama, five months into his presidency, didn’t know of this agency. Bamford reports that “eight years after that videotape aired, the NGA remains by far the most shadowy member of the Big Five spy agencies, which include the CIA and the National Security Agency.”

Before the name switch to NGA, the agency was largely tasked with cartography. In 2003 it was reborn for the purpose of its current mission: satellite surveillance. They work closely with the U.S. Air Force, collecting and analysing aerial surveillance using drones and other unmanned systems. They play a crucial role in gathering US intelligence, including the intelligence gathering and replication of Bin-Laden’s compound for SEAL Team Six.

“How precise were its measurements and analysis? The NGA figured out how many people lived at the compound, their gender, and even their heights,” author David Brown said.

Located at the main headquarters in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, the NGA has two additional facilities in Missouri and St. Louis at Scott Air Force Base. Ironically, Lt. Gen. James Clapper, better known for his position as the Under Secretary of Defence for Intelligence and Director of National Intelligence, arrived at NGA (then known as NIMA) only 2 days after 9/11 occurred.

The NGA is one agency set to benefit under the requested $70.3 billion laid out for the 2017 US Intelligence Community Budget. The Trump administration is set to bolster the amount, taking the total amount for the Pentagon’s 2017 fiscal budget to a whopping $541 billion. (The NGA falls under the Pentagon category as a “highlyclassified Pentagon intelligence agency.”)

This leads to the worrying observation that the NGA may soon be granted more authority. The aerial system used against Iraq and Afghanistan may soon be used against the American people, Bamford reports: “With the capability to watch an area of 10 or even 15 square miles at a time, it would take just two drones hovering over Manhattan to continuously observe and follow all outdoor human activity, night and day. It can zoom in on an object as small as a stick of butter on a plate and store up to 1 million terabytes of data a day. That capacity would allow analysts to look back in time over days, weeks, or months. Technology is in the works to enable drones to remain aloft for years at a time.”

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s capability is well-equipped to quell the violence of protesters, assist ICE in their deportation corralling, and track all those who belong to minority groups – Muslims, Black Lives Matter… It isn’t farfetched, Bamford says. The CIA and NSA’s evil brother is more than capable of assisting the Trump administration in their quest, and the lack of domestic overhead spying legislation that currently stands allows for just that [2-4].


The headache experienced by the targets of psychological weapons was bilateral, throbbing, sometimes very severe, and associated with nausea, vomiting, photophobia, loss of body balance, osmophobia and worsened by head movements [5-6].

Naphazoline is a sympathomimetic drug, an imidazolinic derivate with marked alpha-adrenergic activity. It enhances the release of noradrenaline from adrenergic termination, immediately relieving the nasal congestion thanks to its vasoconstricting action on the vessels of nasal mucosa. Because of its adrenergic activity, this drug can also produce adverse effects, like rhinitis medicamentosa, hypertension, headache and acute depression of central nervous system with marked sedation [7-8].

Moreover, cases of ischemic and haemorrhagic stroke secondary to naphazoline have also been reported, mediated by the alpha1 and alpha2 adrenergic vasoconstrictive effect that is also exerted on brain vessels. Naphazoline can trigger headaches because of its adrenergic activity (Figure 1). Alpha1 receptors are associated with G-proteins that generate a cascade of events leading to the production of arachidonic acid (AA) and nitric oxide (NO). AA and NO release leads to a late inflammatory vasodilatation that could induce a migraine attack. Moreover, it is also possible that the same naphazoline nitrate, consumed by our patient, could have contributed to the production and release of further NO by a chemical reduction of the naphazoline salt. In fact, NO donors are currently used to induce migraine attacks in clinical and experimental settings.

Biomedical Science & Research

Figure 1: Events induced by naphazoline caused by the Frey effect’s headache

a. Naphazoline activates α1 receptors that are associated with G-proteins that cause the activation of phospholipase C. Phospholipase C cleaves phosphatidyl-inositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) into two second messengers, inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) and diacylglycerol (DAG) which in turn cause an increase in the level of calcium and protein kinase C. Diacylglycerol, by DAG lipase, takes part in the creation of arachidonic acid which is a precursor in the production of prostaglandins (PGs), mediated by cyclooxygenase (COX). The higher concentration of intracellular calcium allows an increase in the complex of calcium-calmodulin and therefore the activation of constitutive nitrous oxide synthetase (cNOS) with the generation of nitric oxide.

b. Naphazoline nitrate can contribute to the production and release of further NO by a chemical reduction of the naphazoline salt. Prostaglandins and nitric oxide contribute to the activation of nociceptors and the transmission of the pain pulse from the periphery to the centre. Consequently, there is a release of substances such as potassium ions, P-substance, bradykinin, histamine, serotonin and CGRP that keep nociceptors active and result in vasodilatation and extravasation of plasma proteins from the vessels. However, despite the late effect as a migraine trigger factor, naphazoline might also have an early action as an anti-migraine agent acting on alpha receptors of muscle, immune cells, Locus Coeruleus and spinal cord (Figure 1). In fact, alpha2 adrenergic receptors have a peripheral analgesic effect, thanks to the activation of opioidergic receptors, via endogenous opioid release. Moreover, both alpha1 and alpha2 adrenergic receptors agonists have been proposed to be specifically useful for the treatment of migraine by mechanisms that mediate the early vasoconstrictive effect related to their activation, similarly to triptans that carry out an analgesic action through the serotoninergic agonism that also mediates vasoconstriction.

Biomedical Science & Research

Figure 2:Possible early events that induce peripheral analgesic effect.

c. Naphazoline activates alpha1 receptors that are associated with G-proteins that cause the activation of phospholipase C. Phospholipase C cleaves phosphatidyl-inositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) into inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3). Consequently, there is a smooth muscle contraction due to an increase of intracellular calcium. b. Alpha-Receptors on immune cells release β-endorphins that cause opioid analgesia. c. Activation of alpha2 adrenoceptors in the Locus Coeruleus and spinal cord provokes the depression of nociceptive transmission.

We could therefore presume that in our patient, in a similar manner to the “triptans effect”, naphazoline could exert an antimigraine action but also induce a rebound chronic headache due to medication overuse and/or a proinflammatory cytokinemediated headache induction. Indeed, our patient had experienced such a sudden analgesic effect; otherwise he would not have continued to take naphazoline [9-10].


I am proposing to use Naphasoline nitrate, (former) nasal decongestant, to treat starting headache experienced by the targets of psychological weapons. If the symptoms are bilateral, throbbing, sometimes very severe, and associated with nausea, vomiting, photophobia, loss of body balance, osmophobia and worsened by head movements, until the colon carcinogenesis, etc., of the Human’s internal, endogenous organs caused by the new Psychological Weapons through the release and cleaning of the Lymphatic ways [11]. I have proved this healing effect of the Naphazoline nitrate on Myself during treatment in last months of the year 2018.


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