e-books are the new wave of knowledge transfers. Users prefer e-books over white papers and manuscripts because the format of the e-book is made for lighter reading, it’s more fun and enjoyable to read in story format than to read a manuscript. At the American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research, we accept e-books written by scientific authors and researchers from around the world and encourage more content to be published in this format.

Our online PDFs and e-prints are of high quality, ensure comfortable reading with the highest legibility possible. They come with various multimedia embedded which include audio-video support and links to other content on the web. Users gravitate towards e-books because they can be accessed anywhere anytime with the touch of a button. Most users use an e-reader, which have may comfort features to make reading more easier, fun and enlightening.

e-books are the current trend among research and scientific authors, with many e-books being published and available for circulation on our journal and throughout the publishing fraternity. With our open access policy, users can look up many of our published e-books, and even download them to their own readers for better convenience and legibility.

For authors who want to submit their e-books to AJBSR, please send us your thesis at catherinenichols@biomedgrid.com

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